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Artwork of Rock Cannon

Artwork of the ★Rock Cannon from Black Rock Shooter Visual Works

The ★Rock Cannon (★ロックキャノン, Rokku Kyanon) is the signature weapon wielded by Black★Rock Shooter. It is a recurring weapon that appears in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

The ★Rock Cannon is a long cylindrical black gun with a horizontal grip on one end. The initial iteration is shorter than Black★Rock Shooter's height,[1] but it is later depicted to be much longer in Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2 as well as illustration for Good Smile Company's first Black★Rock Shooter figure.[2]

Lore-wise, the ★Rock Cannon is capable of firing 20 rocks per second.[1]


The ★Rock Cannon in the OVA is identical in shape to the original counterpart, and Black★Rock Shooter used it to fight Dead Master. The weapon has two known forms: a cannon form that can fire blue projectiles, and an alternate form that transform the barrel into a large blade to smash enemies.

Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul[]

In Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul, Ron, the companion of Rock, can shapeshift into a cannon that is highly reminiscent of the ★Rock Cannon.

Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME[]

The Rock Cannon is Stella's starting weapon in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME, which she carried with her during and outside combat. It can fire a burst of shots at enemies in combat, but successive bursts build up the heat gauge, and overuse can cause overheat, making Stella unable to fire her weapon or take evasive actions for a short period of time. The Rock Cannon is also used to block incoming enemy attacks.

The weapon has a fixed bayonet at the muzzle, but instead of combat it is mostly used to smash away obstacles in the field.

There are four cannons available in the game: Rock Cannon, Blue Square (ブルースクエア, Burū Sukuea), Dynehalcyon (ダインハルコン, Dainharukon), and Hyperion (ハイペリオン, Haiperion).

TV Anime[]

The Rock Cannon also appears in the 2012 TV anime. The one that Black★Rock Shooter uses can be summoned from thin air, and it has two known forms: a standard form reminiscent of the original design, and a Gatling form that resembles a rotary cannon.[3]

Mato Kuroi also had access to the Rock Cannon when she separated herself from Insane Black★Rock Shooter in the Hollow World. By drawing the powers from other other selves Mato summoned a gigantic Rock Cannon in the showdown against her own other self.

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

In Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA, the weapon is referred to as the Black Cannon (ブラックキャノン, Burakku Kyanon).[4] It is categorized as a heavy weapon and it is one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.

Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL[]

In Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL, Empress can construct a coil gun (コイルガン, Koiru Gan) by reprocessing the Arche that she absorbs. It fires a powerful beam that obliterates anything in its path, but it cannot be used repeatedly, hence Empress mainly uses it against powerful foes or strategic targets.


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