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Acta (アクタ, Akuta) is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


Acta is a pale-skinned teenage girl with light-colored hair reaching down to her neck. She wears a long black coat with vertical white stripes as well as a pair of black shorts and and a pair of black boots. Both her coat and shorts are worn with belts.

When in combat, Acta emits a flame on her right eye.


Acta, together with her partner Nico, is assigned with Rock and Ron to cleanse the soul of a tiger. During battle, Acta saves Rock from the tiger's attack and deals a heavy blow to it. Believing that it was subdued, Acta lets her guard down, but this in turn allows the tiger to fatally wound her.

After defeating the tiger, Rock rushes to Acta's side in an attempt to rescue her. As Acta dies from her wound, her body dissipates, leaving her soul behind much to Rock's shock.[1]


As a typical Black Star, Acta is devoid of emotions and speaks very little.



  • Acta's name shares the same pronunciation as the Japanese word 芥, which can mean trash. This is a wordplay on how Nico mocks her value as such after she suffered a fatal wound from the tiger's attack.


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