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Ahmed Kanu (アーメド・カヌ, Āmedo Kanu) is a supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.




Ahmed Kanu had a high-profile career life: he had been a soccer player, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, and Nigerian Ambassador to the United States of America, before moving up to become the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.[1]

When Project Elysion was launched to face the threat of Chivalrous Thieves Group, Ahmed would spend much time accompanying Luna Griffith, the head of the project, in Ames Research Center to check her progress. He would also assist Luna in political matters, traveling around the world on her behalf as the liaison among the UN executives, heads of state, ministers, bureaucrats, and executives of the giant corporations that sponsored Project Elysion.[1]

Despite Project Elysion's success, many world leaders felt Luna had too much power, and that she was no longer needed with CTG out of the picture. As a result, Luna was assassinated by black ops soldiers, along with Ahmed and other staff members who were caught in their way.[2]



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