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Alexei Dogayev (アレクセイ・ドガエフ, Arekusei Dogaefu), also known as Alexey in Japanese localization, is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Game Version[]

Alexei was one of the surviving members of the Primary Support Service who reached Stella's capsule in San Francisco and witnessed her awakening.[1] As an engineer[2] he repaired the damaged trailer while Stella fought her way through the city to secure an escape route for the team.[3]

After leaving San Francisco, Alexei and others regrouped with the rest of the PSS, who then traveled to New Jersey to retrieve the Draco and the Brunhild.[4] Once there, Alexei, Chris, and Xiaomin prepared the Draco for takeoff. With the exception of Rothcall and Stella, who piloted the Brunhild, everyone else boarded the Draco.[5]

The Draco then headed for Moscow in attempt to search for the source of an SOS signal, whose sender was thought would to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella.[6] However, the aircraft came under heavy attack as it flew over Moscow.[7] It eventually crashed after taking critical damage, with all crew killed onboard, including Alexei.[8]

Manga Version[]

In 2051, Alexei was one of the surviving PSS members sent to wake Stella from her stasis. Although he witnessed her awakening, he was soon killed by a Big Mouth when Stella failed to respond to the threat.[9]


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