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The aliens (エイリアン, Eirian) are an antagonistic faction in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. They are also referred to as apostles (使者, Shisha) prior to the game's release,[1] with the seven featured in the game also collectively known as the Seven Apostles.[2]


The aliens are a race of extraterrestrial humanoids. Apart from their extraordinary strength compared to humans, the aliens can consume other living beings, including their own, to inherit their memories and other information. This ability is known as "neblade". Frank Marion believed that the aliens feast on information to assimilate them for themselves and to stay alive.[3]

They lead mechanized weapons known as Armaments, which form the bulk of their invading forces, in their war against mankind.


Game Version[]

At 13:07:54:66 in November 16 2032, a group of fourteen aliens led by Zaha descended upon Earth with unknown number of Armaments, and began an indiscriminate onslaught on humans. Although several nations deployed nuclear weapons against the invaders, but this backfired as the aliens seized the weapons and used them back on the populated cities, reducing the world population down to two billion over ten days.[2]

By December 2033, survey suggested that half of the initial invading aliens had been defeated. The news boost the surviving humans' morale.[2] However, Nafe, who was not present in the initial invasion, arrived in December 2035 with nearly 200 million Armaments as reinforcements, further decimating human population.[4]

Manga Version[]

When the aliens arrived on Earth, the humans tried to negotiate with them, but the former only wanted to eat.[5]

Known Members[]



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