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Andy (アンディ, Andi) is a minor supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. It introduces itself as an Android Librarian of the Peacebuilding Force Memorial Library.


Andy is a cylindrical robot of stubby height, roughly a quarter to less than half the size of the main cast. Its body is silver, with two short arms, palms the size of a baseball, and a scope protruding from the left side of its head. Its face is represented by a black screen displaying two blue circles for eyes by default.


Despite being a robot, Andy is shown to be capable of emotion and attachment to some extent. It cheerfully welcomes Empress and her group when they meet, expresses fear in a humorous way when the others think of breaking it apart, and is initially reluctant to search up information on the Colonel behind his back when asked to do so by Monica Kaburagi. It also has some understanding of ethics and morality, explaining the trolley problem to Empress and how Artemis responded to the problem.

Andy collects numerous items that have been thrown away, such as ruined teddy bears, and gradually fixes them over time, forming what it calls its "family". It even gave a name to a stray infantry drone from the Unmanned Forces that it considered friendly, calling it "Thomas". Andy is particularly fond of baseball and hopes to form a team with its "family".

Due to Andy's limited AI, it has not been hacked by the Unmanned Forces and remains offline from their network of electromagnetic waves, allowing Andy to act of its own accord. It occasionally stutters in its speech and is considered to be quite archaic by the standards of the present time.


BRS DF EP7-150

Andy with Empress' group in the elevator.

Andy first appears in Peacebuilding Force Memorial Library, surprising Empress' group when they encounter it in the darkness of the memorial library. It cheerfully introduces itself and leads the group into the reading room. It then leads Monica to the database server room, where the contents are found to be dead. Andy reveals it has a database of its own still being securely updated, and Monica decides to ask it for information on the Colonel. Although reluctant at first since it understands the ethical and moral problems of doing so, Andy complies after Monica claims that she and the Colonel are close friends. It reveals all information about the Colonel has been expunged, and Monica instead asks for information about his family. According to Andy, both the Colonel's wife and daughter are dead, and his wife's records after graduation from the Massachusetts Institution of Technology have been expunged as well. Before Monica can get an answer as to why that is, the Colonel suddenly appears, scaring Monica into falling down a nearby hole into the basement level, where she finds an infantry drone of the Unmanned Forces. The Colonel follows after her, and they both attack the drone and disable it by force. Soon after, Andy follows them, and says that "Thomas" was not a bad robot. The Colonel and Monica realize that Andy and the infantry drone were probably coexisting together due to both being robots, but the Colonel tells Andy that it would've been attacked if the drone were to go online, and thus, Andy's life was saved.

BRS DF EP7-233

Andy playing baseball with makeshift items from garbage.

On the way to leading the Colonel and Monica back upstairs, Andy shows the two its collection of thrown away items it repaired, calling them its "family". It reveals it wants to make a baseball team with its "family", which seems to touch the Colonel in particular. Back in the reading room, Empress searches up information about Artemis on a computer. When she reads that Artemis had achieved the highest possible score on the ethics test for an AI, Andy helps Empress by explaining it to her in layman's terms: For a high-performance artificial intelligence that is required to act autonomously like Artemis, it must have an appropriately high understanding of ethics. One such test given to Artemis was the trolley problem, in which it answered that it would "kill one person, save five people, and make up for it by dying by suicide". Artemis' answer had pleased humanity and was cited as the perfect AI they had long sought after, as Andy states. Empress wonders what the concept of life even means to artificial creations. Just before the group withdraws from the library, Empress asks Andy to tell her about Lighthouse No. 8, and Andy reveals it was a Peacebuilding Forces institution that has already been shut down, much to Empress' shock.

BRS DF EP7-354

Andy admiring the baseball the Colonel gave to it.

Andy goes outside the memorial library to see the group off. The Colonel stops to throw the baseball he picked up earlier to Andy, passing it on to it. The Colonel hopes that Andy will be able to play real baseball one day, but tells it to use a proper bat instead of a metal pipe. He says he'll come back to visit Andy once their current problem is dealt with. After the group leaves, Andy lies down next to his family, holding the baseball in its hands. Just then, an explosion goes off, and Charlotte appears from the smoke. Andy asks if she is a visitor, and Charlotte responds by shoving her blade into Andy, calling herself an avenger who will destroy anything and anyone connected to Empress, and cuts Andy in half.[3]



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