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Arata Kohata's other self is a character from Black★Rock Shooter 2012 anime. She is one of the many hooded figures created by Black Gold Saw's watering can.


She has the appearance of a child wearing nothing but a cloak with a hood. Her hair seems to be similar to Arata's, except with a darker shade of red. Like all of the other selves, her dark red eyes have a circular pattern in them.


She has a pensive look on her face and always shivered with fear when approached.


Black Gold Saw created her, along with many other hooded figures by pouring water from a watering can. She sprouted from the ground with the other hooded figures. Black Gold Saw took an interest in her, and held her hand out to her.

However, Black★Rock Shooter broke into the area and pursued Black Gold Saw, attempting to shoot at her, but Black★Rock Shooter's shots missed her, while hitting and disabling many of the hooded figures except the one that resembles Arata. Black★Rock Shooter walked up to it and held her hand out to her, but she continued to tremble in fear of her, and as a result Black★Rock Shooter ignited her eye flame and beheaded her, while in the real world, Arata keels over, and Mato Kuroi and Saya Irino sense it.

After Insane Black★Rock Shooter's defeat, she, along with the other hooded figures, come back to life, resulting in Arata regaining her memories of her feelings for Taku Katsuchi. She is seen with Black Gold Saw, the hooded figures, Chariot and Dead Master together as the worlds of each respective other self merged into one.



  • She is the only known other self not to have a proper name, along with the other hooded figures.


Tears Held Back Threaten to Spill Over[]

Let's Go Beyond This World[]

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