Arata's "Other Self"

Arata other self

Appears in Black★Rock Shooter (anime)
Role Deuteragonist
Voice Actor (Japanese) Unknown
Voice Actor (English) None
Character Profile
Gender Female
Weapon/s none
Human Counterpart Arata Kohata
Arata Kohata's "other self" is one of the many hooded figures that were made from the water coming out of Black★Gold Saw's watering can.


She takes an appearance of a child wearing nothing but a cloak with hood. Her hair seems to be similar to Arata, except with a darker shade of red. Her eyes were hazel.


She seems to be always scared and always shake with fear when approached.


Black★Rock Shooter (2012)Edit

Black★Gold Saw created her, along with many other hooded figures by pouring water from a watering can. She sprouted from the ground with the other hooded figures. Black★Gold Saw took an interest in her, and held her hand out to her.

However, Black★Rock Shooter broke into the area and pursued Black★Gold Saw, attempting to shoot at her, but Black★Rock Shooter's shots missed her, while hitting and disabling many of the hooded figures except the one that resembles Arata. Black★Rock Shooter walked up to it and held her hand out to her, but she continued to tremble in fear of her, and as a result Black★Rock Shooter ignited her eye flame and beheaded her, while in the real world, Arata keels over, and Mato Kuroi and Saya Irino sense it.

After Insane Black★Rock Shooter's defeat, she, along with the other hooded figures, come back to life, resulting in Arata regaining her memories of her feelings for Takuu. She is seen with Black★Gold Saw, the hooded figures, Chariot and Dead Master together as the worlds of each respective other self merged into one.



  • Arata and The Underworld Vulcan bears slight similarities, making a possibility that one day, this "other self" might become the Vulcan.
  • She is the only Other Self that has no name.