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The Armaments (アーマメント, Āmamento) are mechanized weapons in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. They are also referred to as Mecha (メカ, Meka) prior to the game's release.[1]



Game Version[]

The aliens invaded Earth on November 16 2032, bringing along an unknown number of Armaments as their first wave of attack. By December 2033, the number of Armaments were estimated to be down by 70%, while the world human population was reduced to approximately 500 million.[2]

A second wave of invasion came on December 15 2035, which comprised of Nafe and nearly 200 million Armaments - a number surpassing the initial invasion force. This reinforcement reduced the world population to less than 100 million. However, for unstated reasons the aliens left the Armaments behind in 2042, which allowed the surviving humans to regroup and drive out the mechanized enemies.[3]

The aliens eventually returned in early 2051, bringing an even greater number of Armaments than before. This prompted the UEF to awaken BRS, humanity's trump card and last hope, 3 years earlier than planned.[3]

Manga Version[]



Concept Art[]


  • The Big Mouth was initially known as CNRT (シヌルタ, Shinuruta) before the game's release.[1]
  • An Armament is named Dead Master possibly in a nod to the character.


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