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BLK is an artbook by huke released in January 2012. Spanning 240 pages total, the book is huke's first artbook and features various illustrations across his work as the creator of Black★Rock Shooter and the character designer for Steins;Gate. It also includes miscellaneous illustrations of other original characters.


BLK was first announced in late August 2011. There were two editions of the book that were available; one was the standard edition that featured the book by itself; the other was a limited edition that bundles the book together with a figma of Black★Rock Shooter Beast, who is also on the front cover of BLK. First releases of the limited edition also included a bonus coupon of an avatar of Black★Rock Shooter Beast for use in Puchitto★Rock Shooter.


The contents of the book are divided into three sections, each titled accordingly as "Black Rock Shooter", "Steins;Gate", and "Others". The first eighty-two pages following the introduction are dedicated to huke's Black★Rock Shooter-related artworks; while most of the artworks have been previously seen elsewhere (such as huke's pixiv or his art collection doujinshi), some of them are exclusive to BLK, such as concept art for Black Rock Shooter Beast. A number of comments by huke also appear throughout the book, and those that are relevant to Black★Rock Shooter are listed below.

Page 5[]

Original Text English Translation
「少女+武器」という組み合わせは昔から描いていたテーマのひとつです。ブラック★ロックシューター(以下BRS) も最初は、そういった一連の絵の一枚として発表したものでした。 The combination of "a girl with a weapon" is one of the themes that I've been drawing of for a long time. Black★Rock Shooter (B★RS from this point onward) was, at first, published as one of these themed artworks.
フィギュアになり、アニメになり、ゲームにもなったBRSですが、最初の一枚はあまりにもネガティブで精神的に追い詰められている時期、そんな状態から解放されたいという気持ちを込めて描きました。 B★RS has since been turned into a figure, an anime, and a game, but the very first artwork was drawn during a time when I was so negative and mentally trapped that I wanted to be freed from such a state.
本気で変わりたいと思っていたからこそ生まれたキャラクターなのかもしれません。 Perhaps the reason the character was born was because I really wanted to change.

Page 72[]

Original Text English Translation
BRSの各キャラクターデザインは、昔描いていた別の絵がソースとなっています。黒色を基調とした、シルエット重視の絵が多いです。 Each character design in B★RS is based on different artworks that I used to draw. Many of the artworks are based on the color black with emphasis put on silhouettes.

Page 81[]

Original Text English Translation
ブラックロックシューター・ビーストは、本書の企画当初にデザインしたキャラクターです。 Black Rock Shooter Beast is a character I designed when I first started planning this book.
パラレルワールドのBRS、といったイメージで設計しています。 She was designed with the image of B★RS from an alternate universe in mind.
BRSにはインセインというスピンオフが ありますが、関連はありません。 There is another variant of B★RS called "Insane", but there is no relation between them.

Page 82[]

Original Text English Translation
シンボルを紋章風にアレンジしています。 星マークを崩し、 王冠と剣のモチーフを加えました。 The symbol is arranged in the style of a coat of arms. The star symbol was broken up and a motif featuring a crown and sword was added.
BRSブレードはキャラクターの純粋な攻撃性を表現する為に、シンプルでソリッドなデザインにしました。密度を上げたかったので、過度にマーキングを施しています。 The BRS blade was kept simple and solid to express the pure aggression of the character. I added an excessive amount of markings because I wanted to increase the density.
ベクターデザインの制作は友人のrendatに手伝って貰っています。 My friend rendat helped me create the vector design.

Page 83[]

Original Text English Translation
大剣を持たせるのが前提だった為、それに合うシルエット、というコンセプトで何点かラフを描いて固めていきました。 Since the premise was to have her wield a large sword, I drew several rough sketches based on the concept of a silhouette that would fit with the sword.
従来のBRSと異なる印象となるよう、設計当初に考えたのが、「末端が重い」バランスでした。 At the beginning of the design process, I considered balancing the "heaviness at the ends" to create an impression different from that of the existing B★RS.
色味に関して、黒色基調で白色がラインエレメント、アクセントカラーに青色、という組み合わせはオリジナルから変えたく無かったので残しています。 I didn't want to change the original color combination of black for the base color, white for the line elements, and blue as the accent color, so I left it as it is.

Page 84[]

Original Text English Translation
脚には巨大なブレードが入っていて、figmaでは設定どおりに動かせるようにしてもらっています。正面から見ると細身ですが、立体栄えを狙ってかなり重量感のある奥行きを持たせました。 The legs have huge blades in them, and the blades are set up to move on the figma. The figure appears slender when viewed from the front, but it was given a considerable amount of weight and depth for a three-dimensional appearance.
背中にも刺青のようにマーキングが入っていたりします。 There are also markings on her back like tattoos.


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