Black★Devil Girl (ブラック★デビガール - Burakku Debi Gaaru) is part of huke's Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA.



Official picture

A spectacled girl with long black hair and neon green eyes. A flame also sprouts from her left eye, with the same color as her eye. She wears a similar outfit to Black★Rock Shooter, but instead wears her jacket so that it exposes her bikini top and is closed to look like a skirt. Her boots also extend further up to her thighs. She has a pair of short black horns, big glasses, and white earphones.

She uses a black-handled katana for combat. She is also seen in Huke's artwork sitting on a large skull-like object.

She has a similar appearance to Dead Master (2012) due to her having green glasses, horns, and a skull. It is unknown if Dead Master has any connection with this character.

She can most likely be compared to Dead Master.


  • By looking closely at her artwork, she can be seen crying green tears.
  • She is one of two "Black" characters to have skeletal claws, the other one is Black★Gold Saw.
  • Like Black★Matagi, she is also a "Black" character never to be shown in a BRS series.
  • Like Black★Gold Saw, she's seen sitting on a large skull.