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Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソー, Burakku★Gōrudo Sō) is an original character designed by huke.


Next to nothing about Black★Gold Saw at the time of the character's creation is known. Both descriptions for the illustration posted to huke's Pixiv[1] and personal blog[2] respectively state that it is the front cover for a doujinshi by huke, specifically HUKEPIC 04[3].


Black★Gold Saw is a girl with red eyes and long black hair. There are two horns on her head that curve outwards and back inwards. Their color immediately fades from black to red. In her original design, she wore a long black zip trench coat that was unzipped (save for her collar) to reveal her black bikini top and shorts. The interior of her coat was red. She also had black skeletal claws and wore black knee-high boots with flaps and tall white heels. Parts of her clothing were adorned with white lines and stars. Her weapon was a large saw-like sword with a blade curved at the end and a crescent-shaped guard. It was roughly equal to her size.

In her redesign from Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2 onwards, Black★Gold Saw retains her physical appearance, but her attire has changed. She now wears a high-cut jacket with wide sleeves adorned with stars near the hems. Her bikini top has a buckle in the front instead of a string tie, and her shorts are belted, partly unzipped, and somewhat looser fitting. She also now wears thigh-high black greaves (along with black thigh high leggings) with single thick white stripes and crescent-shaped knee guards and foot armor. Her weapon now has a distinct gold cutting edge, black saw teeth on the other edge, and a skull-shaped pommel. Black★Gold Saw is no longer featured with a flame in her right eye.


huke uploaded the illustration to Pixiv and his personal blog on January 30, 2008. The illustration of Black★Gold Saw is chronologically the fourth in a number of illustrations uploaded by huke that follow a naming convention beginning with "ブラック★" (Black★), after Black★Matagi, Black★Devil Girl, and Black★Rock Shooter.

Black★Gold Saw would go on to be officially adapted into the Black★Rock Shooter multimedia franchise.



  • Black★Gold Saw is the second character overall in the Black★Rock Shooter series.
  • Black★Gold Saw's original design resembled Black★Rock Shooter, with a red flame emanating from her right eye to match. Subsequent illustrations of the character by huke give her a more distinct redesign without the flame in her eye, one that her official incarnations are closely based on.
  • While the original concept for Black★Gold Saw had a star symbol in her name, her official incarnations do not, likely to further distinguish her from Black★Rock Shooter.


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