Black★Matagi (ブラック★マタギ - Burakku★Matagi) is part of the supporting cast in huke's Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA. However, She appears in an online game, Puchitto Rock Shooter.



Official picture

Black★Matagi is a girl with short black hair and purple eyes. A purple-colored flame shoots from her left eye and her right is covered by a black eyepatch. She wears an outfit similar to a sailor uniform, with a white collar, long sleeves, a short pleated skirt and a predominant black color scheme. She appears to wear a blouse with thin shoulder straps under her outfit. Black★Matagi also wears a pair of knee-high boots. Her accessories are a pair of headphones and a white armband with a black pentagram design.

Her weapon is a gunblade, a large artillery weapon with an even larger blade attached to its end. Its overall length can rival Black★Matagi's height.


  • She is one of the "Black" characters never to be shown yet in a BRS series. The other one is Black★Devil Girl.
  • Her Gunblade seems to be a basis for MZMA's weapon.