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Black★Matagi (ブラック★マタギ, Burakku Matagi) is an original character designed by huke.


Black★Matagi has short black hair with purple eyes. Her right eye is covered by an eye patch. She wears a black cardigan with white collar, short black pleated skirts, and knee-high boots. A white armband with a pentagram symbol is worn on her left arm.


The illustration's description on Pixiv states that Black★Matagi's weapon is used solely for striking,[1] but according to huke's responses to blog comments, it is supposed to be a very long rifle that requires tremendous strength to hold back its recoil when firing.[2]


huke uploaded the illustration to Pixiv and his personal blog on January 17, 2008.[1][2]

Her attire and appearance were obtainable on Puchitto★Rock Shooter via time-limited gacha between May 30 and June 23 2011.[3]



  • Matagi are traditional winter hunters who live in the northern region of Japan's main island.


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