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Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター, Burakku★Rokku Shūtā) is the incarnation of the Black★Rock Shooter character in Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She is the other self of Mato Kuroi.


Black★Rock Shooter has blue eyes and long dark blue hair tied into asymmetrical twintails (the right being shorter than the left). She wears a hooded black trench coat adorned with single white stripes down the sleeves, a small white star in the front, and a larger star on the back. Her open coat reveals a bikini top, scars on her midriff, and a pair of hot pants with a gray belt. She also wears knee-high boots with white heels.

Her blue eyes have a concentric circular pattern in them.


Black★Rock Shooter is depicted as calm and collected. She is intently focused on bringing Yomi back to Mato's world for her human counterpart's sake, showing a benevolent side to Black★Rock Shooter.

She is able to fight evenly with Black Gold Saw and Dead Master for the most part, but she does not seem to be trying to purposely hurt the latter in their battle.



Black★Rock Shooter is stabbed by Black Gold Saw.

Black★Rock Shooter first appears in the middle of a battle with Black Gold Saw in the Hollow World. The two are evenly matched until Black Gold Saw knocks Black★Rock Shooter down into a lower area of the Hollow World, taking advantage of the battle and impaling the latter with her King Saw. Black★Rock Shooter is left behind as the debris collapses around her.


Black★Rock Shooter and Mato merge as one.

Later, Black★Rock Shooter appears before Mato, her human counterpart, after she was engulfed by the light of a star overhead. It is at this point Black★Rock Shooter has her signature trench coat and scars on her midriff. She speaks to Mato and asks if she wants to save Yomi Takanashi. Mato answers that more than saving Yomi, she wants Yomi back with her. Hearing Mato's answer, Black★Rock Shooter descends before her. Mato asks who she is as they begin to merge together. Once fully merged, the flame in Black★Rock Shooter's eye ignites and she declares her name.


Black★Rock Shooter reappears in the Otherworld on a broken ledge, now equipped with her ★Rock Cannon. She crosses various areas in the Hollow World until she makes it to a mass of winding cliff paths and architecture, the most notable of which is a cathedral that sits at the highest point. Black★Rock Shooter makes her way up from the bottom and reaches the cathedral.


Black★Rock Shooter holds out her hand to Dead Master.

Inside, she finds Dead Master at the end of the cathedral's hall, sitting atop her throne. As the two observe each other, Black★Rock Shooter offers her hand out to Dead Master, who does not reciprocate, but instead sends her Skulls to attack her. Black★Rock Shooter is knocked away, and she gets up, looking fixedly at Dead Master. She stands up and ignites the flame in her eye, which seems to amuse Dead Master, thus beginning their fight in earnest.


As they fight, the cathedral starts to become consequently destroyed. Dead Master uses her scythe to create a shockwave that breaks apart the floor beneath Black★Rock Shooter, and the former follows in after her. She sends her Skulls to attack her, but Black★Rock Shooter transforms the barrel of her ★Rock Cannon into a blade and destroys them for good. Dead Master leads Black★Rock Shooter on a chase further downwards into an atrium-like area of the cathedral. They continue their fight and are equally matched until Dead Master trips Black★Rock Shooter and attempts to attack her while she's down. However, Black★Rock Shooter fires her ★Rock Cannon at point blank range and blows off the blade of Dead Master's scythe from its pole. Dead Master throws away her scythe, but is shown to be undeterred and licks her fingers gleefully. She jumps into the air and summons numerous chains that ensnare Black★Rock Shooter.


Afterwards, Black★Rock Shooter is chained up against the wall. She looks up to see Dead Master smirking before her. Black★Rock Shooter looks fixedly at Dead Master again, and gains the strength to break free of her chains with her bare hands. Dead Master backs away and attempts to chain her up again, but to no avail as Black★Rock Shooter comes up to her. She offers her hand to her again, and Dead Master backs away once more, but nearly falls off the ledge behind her. To her surprise, Black★Rock Shooter saves her by embracing her. Dead Master tries to resist her, but falls away into a black shadow that dissolves, leaving Yomi behind in Black★Rock Shooter's arms. The cathedral around them begins to collapse with Dead Master gone, and Black★Rock Shooter carries Yomi out to safety, returning her and Mato to their world.


  • It is implied that she received the scars on her midriff from her battle with Black Gold Saw.
  • Like the other inhabitants of the Hollow World, Black★Rock Shooter generally does not speak, but is the only one shown doing so when she comes face-to-face with Mato.
  • When Black★Rock Shooter is about to attack the Skulls with her transformed ★Rock Cannon, the pose she makes is very similar to the illustration used as reference for Good Smile Company's 1/8th Scale figure of Black★Rock Shooter.


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