The song Black★Rock Shooter is a composition of ryo inspired by works of art by huke, who are both members of the band Supercell. It is performed by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and made its debut in Nico Nico Douga. The song was later used as the opening theme song of the anime series based on the Black★Rock Shooter concept.


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Before huke joined the band Supercell, he had been working on the concept of Black★Rock Shooter. This concept was eventually noticed by ryo after huke's admission into the band, and this started their collaboration in making the song inspired by huke's creations.

The song was first submitted in Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga in June 2008 and it was later shared to YouTube, where its two versions garnered a total of more than 2,500,000 views in a short span of time. The song and the concept per se also gathered a fanbase, and much later, was performed by famous members of Nico Nico Douga in a number of versions, including a band edition which is performed together with a chorus of human singers and, occasionally, including Hatsune Miku herself.

Upon the release of the Black★Rock Shooter OVA, Hatsune Miku performed another version of the song; this time, Supercell utilized Miku Append, a complement of the original Vocaloid program with additional features. This version was released as "Black★Rock Shooter 2M Mix".

Black★Rock Shooter (Original PV)Edit

Music and Lyrics: ryo (A member of supercell)
Video Production: huke (A member of supercell)

A Vocaloid song creator, ryo, was inspired by BRS and composed a song using Miku Hatsune, while huke created the movie for ryo. The video was a hit on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube; this eventually led to the worldwide popularity of Black★Rock Shooter.

Black★Rock Shooter tells of the narrator's despair and hopelessness as they wander aimlessly, searching for something important to them that they presumably lost. Eventually the narrator gains new hope and decides to move on into the future with courage. The video for the song became massively popular, featuring Black★Rock Shooter traveling through a bleak city and countryside, riding a motorbike and wielding weapons.

Black★Rock Shooter (Fanmade PV)Edit

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Video Production: Anomaro-P

This famous fanmade PV shows a fanmade story of Black★Rock Shooter with Anomaro-P's own interpretation, which involves two sisters and one turning evil. Black★Rock Shooter teams up with a group of fighters and tries to defeat her to stop the destruction.

Note, however, that Anomaro-P was not involved with huke in any way and had made up his own story.

Black★Rock ShooterEdit

Video Production: Joe

This fanmade PV stars Black★Rock Chooter, a chibi parody mascot of Black★Rock Shooter. The video also acts as a parody to the original video of Black★Rock Shooter by huke.


Romaji TranslationEdit

English TranslationEdit

kikoemasu ka?
Black Rock Shooter, where did you go?
Can you hear me call?
ato doredake sakebeba iin darou
ato doredake nakeba iin darou
mou yamete watashi wa mou hashirenai
itsuka yumemita sekai ga tojiru
How much longer should I scream?
How many more tears should I shed?
Enough already, I can't run anymore
The world I once dreamed of is lost

makkura de akari mo nai kuzurekaketa kono michi de
aru hazu mo nai ano toki no kibou ga mieta kigashita

On this dark, crumbling path that never sees the light
I think I saw that hope from back then that never should have existed
doushite How come?
BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA natsukashii kioku
tada tanoshikatta ano goro wo
BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA demo ugokenai yo
yami wo OKKU kakeru hoshi ni negai wo
mou ichido dake hashiru kara
Black Rock Shooter - Wistful memories
Of those simpler, delightful times
But Black Rock Shooter, I can't move
My hopes can only take once more to the stars racing through the darkness
kowakute furueru koe de tsubuyaku watashi no namae wo yonde
yoake wo idaku sora kyoukaisen made no kyotai
ato mou ippo todokanai
I whisper in a frightened, trembling voice, "Call my name."
I won't reach any farther into the distance,
to the boundaries of the dawn-kissed sky
koraeta namida ga afuresou nano
ima shita wo mukanaide
tomatte shimau
mirai wo ikite itainda wakatta no omoidashite
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinjiru no
The tears I've held back are about to overflow
Don't look down now
I come to a halt
I wanted to live in the future, but I get it now, I remember
I believe with all my heart
sou yo That's right
itai yo tsurai yo nomikomu kotoba
BURAKKU ROKKU SHUUTAA ugoite kono ashi!
sekai wo koete
Black Rock Shooter - This gentle fragrance
It's painful, it breaks my heart, to take in your words
Black Rock Shooter, move your feet!
Overtake the world
saisho kara wakatte ita koko ni iru koto wo
watashi no naka no subete no yuuki ga
hi wo tomoshite
mou nigenai yo
I've known from the start that you were here
All the courage within me
Will light a flame
I won't run anymore
koe wo agete naitatte kamawanai
ima kara hajimaru no watashi no monogatari
Black Rock Shooter, you aren't alone
I don't mind if you cry aloud
Black Rock Shooter, just you watch
This is where my story begins

wasuresou ni nattara kono uta wo
utau no


Black Rock Shooter OP Full

Black Rock Shooter OP Full

Full Version of Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter - Hatsune Miku (HD)

Black Rock Shooter - Hatsune Miku (HD)

Short Version of Black★Rock Shooter

Should you ever start to forget
I'll sing this song

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