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Black★Rock Shooter BEAST (ブラック★ロックシュータービースト, Burakku Rokku Shūtā Bīsuto), also known as BRSB,[1] is an original character designed by huke.


As an original character based on Black★Rock Shooter, Black★Rock Shooter Beast is a girl with blue eyes, black hair in uneven twintails, and a blue flame emanating from her left eye. However, her overall appearance is much different from her base concept.

Her main illustration features model information about the character, as well as a number of warning labels and symbols. Among all these, she is classified as "Model #8091 BRSB Devastator", a device manufactured by MLTW™. The first of two large warning symbols is labelled "DEVASTATIVE" with a star icon horizontally split in half and two asterisks, while the second warning symbol is labelled "IRREGULAR" with a crown icon.

BRSB's twintails are spikier and much shorter in length. A large blue crown decorates her head and appears to be formed by the flame in her eye. She wears an asymmetrical black and white tank top with five stars cut out at the neckline, one blue star on the left, and two zippers; one below her left breast and the other zipped at her right hip while exposing her left hip. Her black sleeves are wide and detached from her shoulders. Directly below her tank top is a large white and black belt with a blue buckle, and a very mini black pleated skirt. BRSB also wears spiky black thigh-high greaves with blue buzz saw-like wheels at her feet and blue spikes behind her greaves. White and black straps run down the length of her greaves, and underneath are white thigh-high leggings of a taller length. Her hands are skeletal, akin to that of Dead Master and Black★Gold Saw, and she wields a black and blue handgun named Seven-Shots in her right hand.


huke uploaded the illustration to his Pixiv on July 24, 2011[2], and his personal blog the day after.[3]

The character would feature on the cover of huke's art book BLK. A figma action figure as well as a bonus coupon of the character's avatar for use in Puchitto★Rock Shooter were bundled with the limited edition of the art book.[1][4]



  • Upon learning from the Internet that Black★Rock Shooter Beast's name is shortened to ケモ岩 (kemoiwa), a portmanteau of "beast" (ケモノ, kemono) and "rock" (岩, iwa) in Japanese, huke tweeted that he would also refer to the character by that nickname.[5]


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