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This page lists a timeline of events that occurred before and up to the beginning of Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.







  • April: The first phase of the United Nations-led Noah Project begins.[1]


  • August 31: Polar bears become extinct.[1]


  • December: The second phase of Noah Project begins, which Marion did not participate.[1]


  • June 20: A war breaks out in South Asia. Marion served as an officer in the United Nations peacekeeping force.[1]


  • December 3: An armistice is signed for the war in South Asia. As a result of the war, private military contractor D'dario Next becomes the leading company in the industry. The company makes a statement blaming the prolonged conflict on the inaction of the United States and the United Nations forces.[1]


  • February: As a punitive policy, the U.S. government enacts laws that impose strict regulations on private military contractors.[1]
  • October: D'dario Next moves its headquarters to Russia, raising global tension.[1]


  • April: Singaporean company Haian Foods develops revolutionary high-performance capsule food, and signs contracts with armed forces around the world.[1]


  • April 2: An unnamed country breaks the armistice and conflict in South Asia resumes. Furthermore its use of biological weapons receives international condemnation, and neighboring countries begin to intervene as well.[1]



  • Summer: Gibson negotiates with his university for funding on cloning research. However, the conservative university forbids such research, and D'dario Next, upon hearing the rumor, contacts Gibson. Gibson believes that cloning technology will end hunger in the world, but D'Addario wishes to explore the possibility of cloning soldiers, and Gibson, a pacifist, hesitates when he realizes D'Addario's intentions.[1]
  • November 16: At 13:07:54:66, aliens descend from the sky and invade Earth. Led by Zaha, a force comprised of fourteen aliens and unknown number of mechanized weapons (known as Armaments) begin an indiscriminate onslaught.[1]
  • November 20: Several nations begin to deploy nuclear weapons around the world in hopes of defeating the aliens.[1]
  • November 30: Having learned the existence of nuclear weapon, the delighted aliens seize the nuclear weapons and use them against their former owners in populated cities. 2/3 of human population are vaporized as a result, reducing the number down to 2 billion. Those ten days between November 20 and November 30 are later known as "10 days of self-destruction". It is said that had nuclear weapons not been used, humanity may have a chance to fight back.[1]
  • December 15: The United States government offers a meeting with D'dario Next and Gibson after learning about cloning technology via Gibson's university. As the United States government wants to avoid receiving criticisms, D'dario Next would lead the development of clone soldiers.[1]
  • December 18: The United Nations forces are dissolved, and the United Earth Force (UEF) is formed. Conflict in Western Asia comes to an end. Armed forces around the world would come under the UEF to fight against the aliens.[1]


  • January: D'dario Next launches an advertisement campaign to recruit veterans from the West Asia conflict. Following a series of coincidences, Sing Love is selected as the mascot. Marion is deeply attracted by Sing Love after seeing her on a recruitment poster, and signs a contract with D'dario Next as an officer.[1]
  • February 1: Under a contract with UEF and the government, Marion begins to fight the aliens as a division commander.[1]
  • March: Cloning research facility is set up in Russia. Nuclei of outstanding soldiers' somatic cell are fused with eggs to develop clones.[1]
  • May: Clones developed from soldiers died inside artificial wombs.[1]
  • September: Clone No.1, who is artificially enhanced to fight against the aliens, emerges from the artificial womb with the appearance of an 18 years old human. After various studies, it is concluded that only clone weapons can defeat the aliens.[1]
  • October: D'dario Next scraps further plans on cloning selected soldiers, and instead decides to produce artificially enhanced clones. In order to gain a dominant position in UEF, D'dario Next intends to use these stronger-than-human clones as its trump card.[1]
  • December: It is confirmed via a survey that half of the fourteen aliens and up to 70% of the Armaments have been defeated. The human population is estimated to be down to around 500 million, but the news that half of the alien forces have been defeated boosts the UEF's morale, and there are high hopes for the artificially enhanced clone, now known as GRAY.[1]


  • January: GRAY 1 is deployed in combat. The clone displays great combat capability, but also suffers from defects such as poor memory and sudden inoperability. Gibson carries out analysis on GRAY 1, but is under the pressure from the superiors to produce the second generation of clones before he can make conclusions out of the first generation's problems.[1]
  • July 6: Twenty-two second generation clones emerge from artificial wombs.[1]
  • July 7: Due to equipment malfunction, a twenty-third second generation clone emerges from the artificial womb a day later than other clones, whom Gibson later names Nana.[1]
  • July 15: Various examinations reveal that the second generation clones also suffer the same defects as the first.[1]
  • August: D'dario Next declares that cloning will be stopped, but Gibson offers one last chance, which is accepted.[1]
  • September 1: Second generation clones are to be deployed to battle as self-propelled weapons until they can no longer move. Gibson reluctantly bids farewell to them.[1]
  • September 15: Believing that only clones can defeat the aliens, Gibson comes up with the idea of producing one with old technology and puts it into practice. He spends every spare moment he can to prepare BRS's creation while also working on the production of third generation clones.[2]
  • October 29: BRS is conceived in an artificial womb.[2]


  • March 15: Third generation clones are born.[2]
  • May 1: Gibson sends off the clones with an apology for creating them without any improvements.[2]
  • July: Dr Gibson received reports that most of the clones deployed to the front lines have been captured by aliens.[2]
  • September 22: BRS is born from artificial womb.[2]
  • September 25: Leaving everything behind, Gibson flees Moscow with BRS to his hometown of San Francisco.[2]
  • December 15: Nafe arrives on Earth together with nearly 200 million Armaments via huge spacecraft. The magnitude of this invasion force is greater than that of the first wave. Nafe was wounded in a previous post prior to invasion of Earth and needed time to recover, hence the delay on her arrival. The Armaments brought by Nafe lays waste to Earth, reducing human population to less than 100 million. On the General's order, the aliens search for BRS among humans who are hiding in remote places, and exterminate them if she cannot be found. As a result, those who abandon remote areas begin to congregate in cities, believing that it will be safer there. Little do they know that this is exactly what the aliens, led by Zaha, had planned.[2]


  • San Francisco becomes a quiet place after a rampage.[2]


  • Gibson spends the relatively peaceful days with BRS as a househusband. At the same time he begins to research on ways to deal with problems that previous Grays had in the past.[2]


  • Gibson explores the application of information technology to store memories externally.[2]


  • Aliens have arrived in San Francisco. Gibson and BRS narrowly escape them in the WEBTUBE. However, noticing that the aliens have the ability to detect the clones, Gibson realizes the need for a system to protect BRS until she is combat ready, and proceeds to conduct research for it.[2]


  • January 3: Design of the system to protect BRS until maturity is complete. Gibson makes contact with the UEF to reveal BRS's existence to them, as well as to secure the manpower and resources necessary to materialize his plan.[2]
  • February: The UEF's leadership, whose military is in a desperate state, regards BRS as the "last hope", and accepts Gibson's proposal as a top secret project.[2]
  • March: 3 technicians and 50 escorts arrive in San Francisco.[2]
  • December: Gibson and the technicians finish constructing a capsule for BRS. The capsule is designed in a way that it can conceal all signs of life inside the equipment, while enhancing the user's physical attributes as well as preserving their memory. Gibson plans to have BRS to stay inside the capsule from age 6 to 18, by which she will have the necessary strength to become the "Final Hope" for mankind.[2]
  • December 24: A mob of nearly 100 people storms Gibson's laboratory in search of food. Despite the escorts' presence, some manage to evade their counterattack and mortally wound Gibson. Surprised at the irony of his death by the hands of humans, he accepts his fate as a form of punishment for transforming his beloved BRS into a weapon.[2]


  • The remaining number of staff puts BRS in the capsule despite her refusal. Upon receiving reports that the project has initiated, the UEF begins to form PSS for the "completion" of BRS in 12 years' time. The operation codename is known as Project 12.[2]


  • June: As Armaments are being left behind by the aliens, soldiers begin to replenish their strength on a regular basis.[2]


  • Alien attacks are becoming near nonexistent, leading to some people to believe that the nightmare is over.[2]


  • The UEF regroups their remaining forces and begins to drive out the Armaments.[2]


  • December: The number of Armaments is reported to be reduced by approximately 50%.[2]


  • The number of Armaments is reportedly reduced to 15% of the original number.[2]


  • January 2: Aliens gather on Earth once again with even more Armaments than before. The UEF decides to carry out PROJECT 12 ahead of the original plan, which up until then is still in great secrecy. The UEF gathers its forces from all over the world in Moscow.[2]
  • August: Apart from soldiers, "refugees" who heard of the rumor start to congregate in Moscow as well, and eventually most, if not all, humans have gathered there. Moscow's population is estimated to be around 60 million by then, which is regarded as the world population.[2]
  • September 20: The UEF regards Moscow as mankind's last bastion, and celebrates a reconstruction festival in a grand manner. The aliens begin to hunt down humans in Moscow in the name of finding BRS. The PSS, numbering just fewer than a thousand elite soldiers, begin to move covertly to San Francisco.[2]
  • September 25: Led by Marion, the PSS reaches San Francisco at dawn. Its surviving members has been avoiding the Armaments from all over the world while trying to awaken BRS. After failing to awaken BRS for some time, Marion contacts the UEF on the status, and it is then he learns that the headquarters has been destroyed, along with the rest of mankind. Marion then tells the rest of his men that they are the last humans on Earth, and rallies them. 7 seconds later BRS wakes up, 3 years earlier than what Gibson has planned.[2]


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