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Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME is an action-fantasy manga series serialised in the game magazine Comptiq, and is based on the PSP game of the same name. The author for the manga has been confirmed to be TNSK [1].


  • Stella: A teenage girl designated a "living weapon" and given the codename BRS. Designed to combat the oncoming alien invasion, she joins the last remaining group of human survivors.
  • Nana Gray: Another girl who appears to be under similar circumstances as Stella. She has issues maintaining her state of mind. Has a cameo appearance in the first pages, but formally appears at the end of the first volume.
  • UEF-PSS: A group of soldiers who are the last living human beings on Earth. In hopes of finally defeating the alien invaders, they awaken Stella from her sleep.
  • Wyler Gibson: The doctor who created Stella. Appears in Stella's and Nana's memories.
  • MEFE: The first messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked first and classified as a Class A alien. She appears shortly after BRS awakens from her sleep. She is also the fiancée of the sixth Apostle, LLWO.
  • MZMA: The second messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked second. He first appears when Stella is with Rothcol.
  • SZZU: The third messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked third. She betrays the Apostles and joins with the PSS members at their station in Moscow with her brother, CKRY.
  • CKRY: The fourth messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked fourth. Despite his brutish appearance, he is actually quite gentlemanly. He and his sister, SZZU, are rebelling against the alien government.
  • XNFE: The fifth messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked fifth. Childish and haughty, but is also emotionally sensitive. Controls little rabbit-like drones called the "Chibi".
  • LLWO: The sixth messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked sixth. He is engaged to MEFE, the first Apostle.
  • SAHA: The seventh messenger of the Seven Apostles, ranked seventh. He is devoted entirely and completely to his government, and is particularly wise. He is the only Apostle to not engage in direct combat within the manga.
  • WRS: The leader of the alien invasion; the Apostles refer to her as the "Governor" (総督, Soutoku). Resides in her palace on the moon, descending every now and then for personal reasons. Appears to have some relation to Wyler Gibson.