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This article lists down the characters featured in the role-playing game Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Nineteen years after the invasion of Earth in 2032, the last armed force on Earth defends their planet against the onslaught of the alien forces. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl awakens and finds herself in the post-apocalyptic shadow of San Francisco.

  • Stella - a mysterious girl with blue eyes and long black hair tied in uneven ponytails. She wields a black katana and a long black cannon-like artillery weapon.
  • Nana Gray - regarded as BRS' prototype, she assists her in missions to take down alien forces.

United Earth Force-Primary Support ServiceEdit

PSS Logo

The emblem for the UEF-PSS.

Also called UEF-PSS, this is considered the last remaining military force on Earth, composed of 12 soldiers who fight as resistance forces against the invading forces.


An extraterrestrial force led by seven powerful beings called as The Seven Apostles conquered much of Earth in 2032. They have in their possession an armada of mechanized units which they use in their invasive actions.

  • WRS - Also referred to as "Governor" (総督, Soutoku, General in the English release) by the Apostles, she is regarded as Stella's nemesis. She spends her time on the Moon, watching the events unfold on Earth. She is the leader of the alien invasion.

The Seven ApostlesEdit


WRS (center) The Seven Apostles: (left to right) MZMA, SAHA, LLWO, MEFE, XNFE, CKRY and SZZU.

Remnants of a group of fifteen alien beings who initiated the attack against Earth on the year 2032. After the death of eight of the original members, the seven that survived continue the assault for the next 19 years.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Professor Gibson - Stella's supposed creator. It is revealed that he created her as an ACC (or Accelerated Clone), but where she was cloned from is still a mystery.
  • Sing-Love - a mysterious face seen throughout Stella's journey.. Supposedly, she was a big-time hit pop idol before the aliens invaded.


  • There is an easter egg in-game. A monster named Dead Master, sporting the same black-and-green theme as the actual Dead Master and carrying a scythe akin her Dead Scythe, appears during one of XNFE's missions.