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Concept art of Black Blade from Black Rock Shooter Visual Works

The Black Blade (ブラックブレード, Burakku Burēdo) is a weapon wielded by Black★Rock Shooter. It is a recurring weapon that appears in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

The Black Blade is a black, single-edged straight sword. No other information is known about its design.


The Black Blade appears in the OVA, where it was used by Black★Rock Shooter in her fight against Black★Gold Saw.

Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul[]

In Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul, Ron, the companion of Rock, can shapeshift into a sword. Compared to the original counterpart, its design lacks a crossguard, but it has a ridged back similar to Ron's back in the normal form, as well as a pommel with a white star marking on it.

Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME[]

Stella acquires the Rock Cannon together with the Black Blade in the beginning of Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME's story. Unlike the Rock Cannon, the Black Blade is only used during some weapon skills and cutscenes.

There are four versions of the sword in the game, whose appearances depend on the cannon that Stella equips.

WRS has also has a sword that is similar to Stella's starting sword, but it is white instead of black.

TV Anime[]

The Black Blade in the 2012 TV anime is a double-edged sword. It lacks a crossguard, and the blade near the grip has concave curve on the front edge and an outward curve on the back edge.

Black★Rock Shooter used the Black Blade to fight several other selves in the Hollow World, including Strength, Chariot, and Dead Master.[1][2][3] She also used the weapon to deal a killing blow on other selves, including one of the Incomplete Girls who resembled Arata Kohata.[4]

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

In Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA, the Black Blade is categorized as a light weapon and it is one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.


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