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Black Gold Saw (ブラックゴールドソー, Burakku Gōrudo Sō) is the incarnation of the Black★Gold Saw character in Black★Rock Shooter OVA. Her human counterpart is unknown.


Black Gold Saw has red eyes, long black hair reaching down to her knees, and a pair of reddish-black horns on her head that curve outwards and back inwards. Her appearance takes after her original concept's redesign by huke: she wears a black high-cut jacket with wide sleeves adorned with white stars near the hems. Her open jacket reveals a bikini top with a buckle in the front. She wears large skeletal gloves, partly unzipped black shorts with a white belt, thigh-high black greaves with crescent-shaped knee guards and foot armor, and leggings of a taller height.

Her red eyes have a concentric circular pattern in them.


Next to nothing is shown of her personality, but it can be inferred that she is an adept and merciless fighter who is capable of winning in a fight against Black★Rock Shooter.



The end of their fight.

Black Gold Saw's only appearance is in the beginning of the OVA, where she is in the middle of a battle with Black★Rock Shooter in the Hollow World. The two are evenly matched until Black Gold Saw knocks Black★Rock Shooter down into a lower area of the Hollow World, taking advantage of the battle and impaling the latter with her King Saw. Black Gold Saw emerges victorious in the fight while Black★Rock Shooter is left behind as the debris collapses around her. As the latter did not have scars on her body during this fight, it is presumed that Black Gold Saw was the one responsible for the scars present on Black★Rock Shooter's body thereafter.

Although Black Gold Saw is an inhabitant of the Hollow World, it is unknown if she is an Other self at all, and if she is, whom her human counterpart is.



The girl in question.

  • It had been speculated that a girl who is seen on the train Mato takes to school is Black Gold Saw's human counterpart due to having a similar appearance, though nothing has been stated in relation to Black Gold Saw.
  • Black Gold Saw has no voice actress in the OVA, but in the PSP game Nendoroid Generation, which features her Nendoroid as a playable character, Black Gold Saw is voiced by an uncredited voice actress.[1]


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