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Black Rock-chan[1] (ぶらっくろっくちゃん, Burakku Rokku-chan) is a 4koma series by ringo. It was originally serialized on 4-Koma Nano Ace between March 2011 and February 2012 for a total of 10 chapters,[2][3] with a tankōbon published on the same month as the series' final chapter.[4]

The 4koma series features chibi Rock-chan and motherlike Decchan in a lighthearted slice of life format.


  • Rock-chan (ろっくちゃん, Rokku-chan) - a toddler who loves to play and eat snacks
  • Decchan (でっちゃん, Decchan) - a motherly figure who deeply cares for Rock-chan
  • Kuro and Shiro (クロとシロ, Kuro to Shiro) - floating skulls that accompany Decchan and Rock-chan
  • Grandma - (おばあちゃん, Obāchan) - weapon store owner
  • Suu-san (スーさん, Sū-san) - a toddler who tends to do things her way without consideration for others
  • Gold-san (ごるどさん, Gorudo-san) - nursery school teacher
  • Stea (ステア, Sutea) - granddaughter of weapon store owner




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