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This Wiki features the different media associated with the entire Black★Rock Shooter concept, including the original song performed by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and Supercell, huke's artworks which inspired the song and the OVA, and all related media.

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Black★Rock Shooter News

  • [September 15, 2021] Black★★Rock Shooter Second TV Anime DAWN FALL Announced - Teaser
  • [December 14, 2020] Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime Series Licensed For Release in North America - Discotek Media licenses the Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime series for a 2021 release in North America on Blu-Ray Disc with a new English dub by Sound Cadence.
  • [November 16, 2012] Official Website for New Black★Rock Shooter Game Opens - A new website for an upcoming game based on the Black★Rock Shooter concept opens, acting as a teaser for the launch of a social game entitled Black★Rock Shooter Arcana. The site can be accessed here.
  • [February 3, 2012] Black★Rock Shooter Anime Series Premieres Today - The Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime series finally premieres in Fuji TV and Nico Nico Channel.
  • [January 27, 2012] Black★Rock Shooter Anime Series to Be Streamed in Eight Languages - The video-streaming service of Nico Nico Douga, Nico Nico Channel, will begin streaming the Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime series with subtitles in eight different languages. The following countries will have access to the live stream with subtitles on Nico Nico every Friday at 11:00 PM UTC: (English) United States and Canada; (French) France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra; (Italian) Italy; (German) Germany; (Spanish) Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina; (Korean) South Korea; (Traditional Chinese) Taiwan; and (Simplified Chinese) Mainland China, Singapore. Subtitle languages are in parentheses. Source: Anime News Network
  • [October 27, 2011] Updates on Black★Rock Shooter Anime Series - The official site of the upcoming 2012 Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime series releases its newest trailer. It features recurring characters from the OVA, including Mato Kuroi, Yomi Takanashi, Yuu, Black★Rock Shooter, and Dead Master. Ordet will also be involved in the production, along with other staff members whose names are to be disclosed.
  • [August 25, 2011] Official Release for Black★Rock Shooter PSP Game Today - This day marks the official release date of Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME in Japan. Stay tuned for announcements for the game's release in North America and Europe.

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