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Black Star (ブラックスター, Burakku Staa) is the term used to refer to souls who are tasked with hunting and purifying souls in the Threshold. The souls utilized in making Black Stars are stagnant, but undergo an unknown process that destroys their ego, and transforms them into a Black Star.

Black Stars commonly have a familiar-like creature that accompanies them in their duties, and these creatures transform into the Black Star's weapon if the need arises.

The series reveals that Black Stars are considered dispensable tools, and are often disregarded when they revert to becoming a stagnant soul.

There are currently around two million Black Stars in the Threshold, but apparently the majority of them are "corrupted" in some way and currently cannot cope with the amount of stagnant souls in the Threshold.

List of Noted Black Stars[]


  • It seems that Black Stars are always female.
  • On some translations, Black Stars are referred to as Black Shooters.
  • A possible effect of the aforementioned transformation is amnesia; however, this is not confirmed.
  • According to Ram, if a Black Star is consumed by fear or is killed, it will revert to a stagnant soul.
  • The familiar-like creatures seem to be responsible for their Black Star and can acquire a new partner at will (e.g Nico suggests to Ron that he should get a new Black Star as Rock is showing emotions).
  • A characteristic mark of a Black Star is that everyone has an eye that burns like a flame, although it is uncertain if Black Stars possess has a flame color unique to individuals.