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The Black Trike (ブラックトライク, Burakku Toraiku) is a supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


BRS DF EP2-368

Black Trike in 2062

The Black Trike is a three-wheeled motor vehicle with two wheels in front and one in back. It is a Hemiteos Unit high mobility support vehicle (ヘーミテオスユニット支援用高機動車輛, Hēmiteosuyunitto shienyō kōkidō sharyō) assigned specifically to Empress and it can travel between rough terrain or relatively flat ground by raising or lowering its profile, whose configurations are known as Gravel Mode and Tarmac Mode respectively. For combat, the Black Trike is equipped with a pair of forward-firing machine guns directly in front of the driver seat, and one retractable machine gun mounted on each side of the vehicle.[3][4] As a Hemiteos Unit support machine, it can self-repair as long as the required materials are available in its immediate vicinity.[5]

BRS DF EP12-498

Black Trike in 2112

The vehicle has an advanced artificial intelligence system on board, which is capable of speech, analysis, as well as automation. The Black Trike is the only known vehicle of its kind that can speak; Dead Master's Motorbike and Strength's Buggy can also understand human language and act autonomously, but do not exhibit speech capability.

Sometime after 2062, the Black Trike is overhauled into a much larger vehicle for space combat, featuring a cockpit inside as well as beam weaponry. It is known as Black Trike IFA-48 in this form.[6]


The Black Trike speaks with a childish tone, and is candid with its words.[1] It also has a tendency to exclaim in excitement or curse in panic during battles. Despite being a machine, the advanced artificial intelligence is deeply loyal to Empress, and it even expresses its concern, stating that it does not want to lose her when she puts herself in high risk in order to rescue her comrades.[7]


The Black Trike was assigned to Empress when Artemis rebelled against mankind.[8] Although it did not participate directly in Empress' battle against Artemis' avatar Lunatic, it later evacuated Empress to Area X, where Empress spent years recovering in an incubation pod after taking irreversible damage on her own body from prolonged use of Overdrive Key.[7]

In 2062, the Black Trike emerged out of the ruins of Area X and saved Empress from incoming Unmanned Forces. Together with Norito and Miya, whom Empress had rescued earlier, they tried to escape until Peacebuilding Forces found them in the open.[3] Joined by the Colonel and Monica, Empress and Black Trike began her journey towards the Orbital Elevator in attempt to destroy it before its completion.

Its powertrain took serious damage after fighting Smiley, the leader of the Education Institution.[4] Self-repair of powertrain required rare-earth elements, which was not readily available in the open environment or in common junks, hence the team had to divert to Peacebuilding Force Memorial Library in order to salvage parts for repair before they could resume the journey.[5]

The Black Trike fell into an Iron Ocean in the decisive battle to take down the Orbital Elevator. However, by 2112 the Black Trike was recovered and overhauled into a spacecraft, which was then launched with Norito, Charlotte, Miya, Dead Master, and Strength on board in a counterattack against Artemis.[6]


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