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Black falls down a hole is the fourth episode of Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. It aired on April 24, 2022.


Empress, who had been mentally disturbed following the battle on the armored train, joins up with other Peacebuilding Forces' reinforcements at their base along with the Colonel. Bolt, the commander of the reinforcements, informs them that there is only one month left before the Orbital Elevator is completed. That night, Bolt tells Empress about the relationship between the Colonel and the Education Institution, the latter being the ones whom the Colonel hated more than anything. The next day, Empress and the others depart for the Orbital Elevator once again. On the way there, Dead Master reappears and tries to negotiate with Empress, but fails to do so. Just as Dead Master is about to attack the group, a girl who was modified and sent by the Educational Institution named Charlotte begins her assault on everyone. Empress prepares to fire her Coilgun and save Dead Master, but the Colonel stops her. It is revealed that Charlotte is the Colonel's daughter, who was supposed to be dead...[1]


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