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Bolt (ボルト, Boruto) is one of the characters in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


Bolt is a well-built man with blond hair and blue eyes. He is also clean-shaven, but his face is usually covered by the respirator that he wears on the field. As with other serving members of the Peacebuilding Forces, he wears an olive green shirt with a tactical vest, military trousers, as well as black gloves and combat shoes, both of which have orange accents on them.



Major Bolt joined Empress and the Colonel as the leader of Peacebuilding Forces' reinforcement. Noticing that Empress was upset from her failed rescue of the captive girls earlier, Bolt told her that the Colonel probably wasn't unfazed by the girls' death, as he also lost his wife and daughter to the Education Institution in the past, but he suppressed his feelings and desire for personal vengeance in order to carry out his mission.[3]

During the assault against the Education Institution, Bolt, in desperation, sacrificed himself by priming a hand grenade and ramming his vehicle against Smiley, leaving Empress with enough time to prepare her coil gun and take down the Education Institution's leader.[4]


Black falls down a hole[]

Drink because you are happy[]



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