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Brunhild concept art

The Brunhild (ブリュンヒルデ, buryunhirude) is an aircraft that appears in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


The Brunhild is a two-seat fighter jet with vertical/short takeoff and landing capability. The one that Stella uses is modified especially for her.[1][2] It is equipped with multiple missiles mounted on hardpoints beneath its wings, as well as a rotary gun located just below the cockpit.


Game Version[]

While it is not known how many Brunhilds were built, one was stored inside a hangar in New Jersey. With Stella successfully awakened, Marion, the leader of the PSS, decided to retrieve the Brunhild and the Draco from their hangar in order to expand their operations. To do so Stella would travel to New York and draw the enemy's attention, while the PSS traveled to New Jersey to get the aircraft in running order.[1][3]

Upon arrival at the hangar, Rothcall and Theo prepared the Brunhild for takeoff.[2] Rothcall then piloted the Brunhild to the Status Building in New York to pick up Stella.[4] However, Stella was confronted by class-A alien Mazuma at the rendezvous point while being surrounded by Armaments at the same time, which prompted Rothcall to provide covering fire for her. Stella battled Mazuma after the latter attempted to shoot down Rothcall, and came out as the victor.[5]

After picking up Stella, the Brunhild and the Draco headed for Moscow as they picked up a rescue signal there.[5] The signal's sender was thought to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella, hence the PSS decided to travel there to find and save her. Rothcall dropped off Stella at the edge of Moscow so she can locate the signal on foot, while he piloted the Brunhild to support the Draco, which came under attack.[6]

However, the Draco eventually crashed after taking critical damage. Rothcall landed the Brunhild near its crash site, but he was killed by Nafe's Armament shortly after reuniting with Stella.[7] Nana Gray and Stella later piloted the Brunhild to Fuji Jukai in order to find clues of their biological mother.[8] However, feeling jealous of Stella's identity as the superior clone, as well as to atone for her attempted betrayal to the aliens, she left Stella behind and flew the Brunhild alone to Tokyo to face the aliens.[9] Stella eventually found the Brunhild's wreckage at the entrance of the City Eater.[10]

Manga Version[]

Rothcall and Stella flew to Antarctica in the Brunhild after receiving a distress signal from there. They flew ahead of the Draco to secure the surrounding area before landing. The aircraft did not appear in the story thereafter.[11]


  • Brunhild is the name of a valkyrie in Norse mythology.



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