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The insignia for Bunny1.

Bunny1 (バニー1, Banī 1) is a group from Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. They are a unit comprised of five members, including the player character, who acts as the commander of the group.


Bunny1 has little combat experience overall and are aided by other teams, but they have potential to become full-fledged soldiers. In the beginning of FRAGMENT, the player leads the group on an operation to infiltrate a facility where Innocent Cloud is developing its latest weapon. There, the group discovers Elishka connected to a machine. When the weapon being developed goes berserk, the group and Elishka are warped to another space.


Bunny1 Members

The members of Bunny1 (excluding the player), from left to right: Hu-rin, Elishka, Yuzuki, and Nara.

  • Player character - The commander of Bunny1. They have been in command since before the operation.
  • Yuzuki - The leader of Bunny1.
  • Hu-rin - The vice-captain of the team.
  • Nara - A spotter and supporting member of the team.
  • Elishka - An ad-hoc member who takes orders from the player and no one else.



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