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Camila[1] (カミラ, Kamira) is one of the main characters of Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN. She is a prototype of the Hemiteos Unit known as the "Knight of the Apocalypse" (黙示録の騎士, Mokushiroku no kishi) or "Caballero del Apocalipsis" (カバリエロ・デラ・アポカリプシス, Kabariero dera apokaripushisu).




Camila was born under a different name in Ciudad Juárez. Her family fell apart one by one to drug cartel violence as well as social inequality, leaving Camila as the sole surviving member as a homeless child. She was eventually picked up by the Chivalrous Thieves Group (CTG), and was deemed to be the only candidate with HET-1 gene eligible for experimental conversion. Georgius, the doctor responsible for the HET-1 gene research, gave her the codename "Camila".[2]

Upon successful activation of HET-1 gene, Georgius sent Camila to eliminate a drug cartel that refused to join the CTG - an operation that also served as a field test for her enhanced capabilities. The result satisfied the CTG's leaders, and Camila was provided custom equipment for future combat operations.[3]

Camila made her debut as a CTG member in San Francisco. Her superhuman strength in combat was recorded in video by bystanders and broadcast worldwide.[1] She spearheaded CTG's operations across North America, Europe, and North Africa, killing numerous government officials, agencies, as well as corporate executives, with the FBI and the French president among her victims.[3][4][5]

The United Nations eventually came together and formed Peacebuilding Forces under Luna Griffith's guidance, which developed their own enhanced soldiers with the same technology that Camila possessed. They sent Hermit, the first of the Type 00 Hemiteos Unit series, to intercept Camila and Georgius near the Algerian border. Camila was unable to save Georgius or his escorts, and despite being told by Georgius to escape, she turned back to face Hermit in vengeance. However, Camila's pile bunker was no match for Hermit's gauntlet in close combat, which ultimately led to her own demise.[5]



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