The Cannon Lance is the modified version of the ★rock Cannon from the OVA. It should not be confused with I.BRS's Insane Cannon Lance.


In appearance, it resembles the Insane Cannon Lance, though at a shorter length compared to the Insane Cannon Lance.


Black★Rock Shooter OVAEdit

During the fight between Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master, upon finding the ★rock Cannon cannot destroy Dead Master's skulls, Black★Rock Shooter charges energy through her cannon and transforms it into a weapon that is suitable for close-range.


Though this form of the ★rock Cannon is only shown for a limited amount of time in the OVA, it is shown to have enough power to destroy Dead Master's skulls, which the normal ★rock Cannon cannot destroy. It can also change back to its normal form in an instant.


  • It is unofficially named the Cannon Lance due to its similarities in appearance to the Insane Cannon Lance. The Cannon Lance itself does not appear to have any firing capabilities at all.