Cecil is a stagnant soul that resides in a small town that is under an endless winter. She meets Rock during the latter's visit in the town in their constant search for stagnant souls, and became friends with her until Rock discovers her true nature.



She is a sweet and gentle girl, who always smiles no matter the pain. She does not bother the abuse of her mother, and acts always happy to see if she is touched by her feelings and be the good mother she was before again.


Cecil was the only known daughter of a couple who lived in an unnamed town. She lived most of her life without her father, and she helped her mother run a small coffee shop in that town. In the absence of her father, her mother eventually became distant to her, and would physically abuse her at the slightest mistake.

In one of these days of abuse from her mother, she was hit by her mother's wooden cane in the head, and she died from the severe injury she received from the attack.


Cecil was first seen by Rock in front of her family's coffee shop, where she was scolded by her mother, who was about to hit her using a wooden cane. After Rock interrupted the attack against Cecil, the Black Star was invited to the coffee shop by Cecil and was introduced by Ron as a ventriloquist (with Ron acting as the puppet). Cecil continues doing her job as the shop's waitress while Rock and Ron perform on the shop's stage, but they would end up intervening again when Cecil is once again abused by her mother. However, despite this, she would remain smiling regardless.


Cecil can transform her hair into multiple weapons. And her mother can transform her arm into a giant skeleton arm.