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Cecil's mother is a minor character in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


During an investigation for stagnant souls in an illusive town, Rock and Ron encounters an old woman beating her daughter for a trivial mistake. Rock steps in and stops the beating, and the old woman, annoyed by Rock's intervention, returns to the restaurant. The girl introduces herself as Cecil, and she reveals to Rock and Ron that the old woman is not her stepmother, but her biological mother.

Cecil then invites the two to the restaurant for a performance after Ron claims Rock is a ventriloquist, but her mother isn't impressed with their act and punishes Cecil for inviting them. She later beats Cecil again when she catches her not doing her work, but chatting with Rock instead. Cecil smiles in front of her mother in response, only for the mother to feel enraged and fatally strike Cecil in the head.

After witnessing Cecil's apparent death, Rock and Ron experiences a warp in dimension, and they return to the exact scene where they first encounter Cecil and her mother as if in a time loop. Rock intervenes again, but this time Cecil's mother grasps Cecil in rage with her transmuted arm as a stagnant soul, claiming it is all her daughter's fault.

Rock cuts off the arm of Cecil's mother to free Cecil and readies her cannon. Seeing that her mother is about to be shot, Cecil reveals herself as the second stagnant soul as well as the host of the illusion, and she interrupts Rock by attacking her from behind. Cecil states that she only wants her mother to hug her again, and she would continue to smile in order to fulfill her wish one day. Realizing that how much the mother is suffering from the repeating loops, Rock tells Cecil that it is time to let her mother go, and that she should take the first step and hug her mother in order to have her feelings reciprocated.

Under Rock's encouragement, Cecil steps forward and embraces her mother, telling her that she is sorry for not considering her mother's burden from losing Cecil's father as well as raising Cecil alone. The mother and daughter finally reconcile and dissipate, leaving two soul orbs behind.[1]



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