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Chariot with her sword and shield, with Mary behind her

Chariot's sword and shield are equipment first featured in Black★Rock Shooter 2012 TV anime series.

TV Anime[]

BRS TV EP2-439

Chariot hitting Black★Rock Shooter with her shield

Although Chariot used Mary, her legged vehicle, as her main weapon to fight Black★Rock Shooter at first, she resorted to wielding a sword and a shield to continue fighting after Mary got destroyed.[1]

The shield largely resembles one of Mary's wheels, but it is smaller in size to fit Chariot's use. In addition to its defensive nature, the shield can also protrude spikes to pierce opponents.

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

The sword and shield are together referred to as the Wheel Shield (ホイールシールド, Hoīru Shīrudo) in Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA. It is categorized as a heavy weapon and it is one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.[2]


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