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"And when we fight for them, the wounds we take on are agonizing. They burn with that love."
― Chariot in Let's Go Beyond This World

Chariot (チャリオット, Chariotto) is a character from Black★Rock Shooter 2012 anime. She is the other self of Kagari Izuriha.


Chariot is an ashen-skinned young woman with golden eyes and long wavy blonde hair. She wears a large black spiked crown on her head, a black and white gothic-esque dress with yellow embellishments, large skeletal gloves, and black thigh-high greaves with large yellow wheels where her feet would be. Her legs are often bent and she slouches slightly in her posture, making her appear shorter than her actual height would be.

Her golden eyes have a circular pattern with white pupils in them.


As Kagari's other self, Chariot reflects many of her mannerisms, especially Kagari's initial hatred for Mato Kuroi in the real world. She has a cold gaze, is determinedly stubborn to keep things the way she wants them to be, and displays sadistic joy in brutally beating Black★Rock Shooter, but is also shown to panic when she starts losing control. Chariot also displays a silent yet apparent possessiveness over Dead Master, and even some control over her: the latter defended her and attacked Black★Rock Shooter for her, took her away to a house in the sky, and violently intercepted just before Black★Rock Shooter could reach out to Dead Master there.

She seems to be skeptical and untrusting of anyone willing to help her, though she takes advantage of the opening created by Black★Gold Saw as a last-ditch effort to stab Black★Rock Shooter. Chariot has the same love for her human counterpart that all the other selves have for their counterparts.


BRS TV EP1-387

Chariot is first seen during How Much More Do I Have to Scream? in her own domain within the Hollow World. She attacks Black★Rock Shooter by running her over with Mary, then personally landing on her body and tossing macarons on her face, with Kagari's voice telling Mato to go away echoing as she does so. Later, Black Rock Shooter attempts to fight back and shoot at Chariot, only for Dead Master to intervene by chaining up Black Rock Shooter and restraining her, allowing Chariot to hold the upper hand in battle and impale the latter using one of Mary's legs.

BRS TV EP2-410

In Dawn Envelopes the Sky, after Black★Rock Shooter reverses Dead Master's chains onto her, she notices a heart-shaped scar above her chest and ceases her attack. However, a large group of spiders carries Dead Master away to a house in the sky. Black★Rock Shooter chases after her and breaks into the house where she is being held, but upon reaching for her, Chariot intervenes on Mary and attacks her again. Chariot unleashes a massive wave of macarons on Black★Rock Shooter, who transforms her ★Rock Cannon into a gatling gun to break through against the wave of macarons. Mary is destroyed as a result, but Chariot switches to using her Sword and Shield and personally fights Black★Rock Shooter herself.

BRS TV EP2-509

As the feud between their human counterparts reaches a turning point when Yomi Takanashi persuades Kagari to change, Dead Master starts breaking free from her chains, which momentarily distracts Chariot long enough for Black★Rock Shooter to cut her left arm off and break her wheeled legs under the weight of her own shield. Their battle comes to an end once Dead Master completely breaks free, causing the destruction of Chariot's world, in which Chariot herself nearly gets swept up in. However, Black Gold Saw suddenly appears and halts the destruction of her world. After Black Gold Saw drives Dead Master into a fissure in the ground and vanishes soon after, Chariot takes the opportunity to stab Black★Rock Shooter while she is unaware, but at the very last moment, Chariot is beheaded by Black★Rock Shooter.

BRS TV EP4-017

Later, in The World I Once Dreamt Of Closes, Strength is shown dragging Chariot's head and body with her, and tossing them into a colorless abyss. As a result of Chariot's death, Kagari does not remember her past feelings towards Yomi, and instead assumes that it was Yomi who previously needed Kagari, not the other way around.

At the end of Make a Wish on a Star Racing Through the Darkness, Chariot's head and body can briefly be seen alongside the dead bodies of various more other selves, including Dead Master.

BRS TV EP8-314

In Let's Go Beyond This World, Chariot has been resurrected and shown to be back in her own world. She, along with Black Gold Saw and the resurrected Dead Master, are heard quoting their own feelings and how their only wish is to protect their human counterparts. They each pray as their respective realms in the Hollow World break apart, becoming colored rays of light that shine upon Black★Rock Shooter's realm. They are used by Mato to summon a gigantic ★Rock Cannon that fires a rainbow-colored blast at Insane Black★Rock Shooter, annihilating her and shattering the walls of her realm.

BRS TV EP8-434

Now in the unified worlds of each respective other self merged into one, Chariot is last seen with Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and the resurrected Arata's "Other Self" and the Incomplete Girls, watching Mato and Yuu Koutari around the dying Strength.


Chariot is capable of piloting her mechanical vehicle, Mary, to brutally attack Black★Rock Shooter by running her over with its wheels or impaling her with one or all of its spiked legs. Even without Mary, Chariot is not defenseless at all, as she immediately switches to using her personal sword and one of the wheels from Mary as a shield. She can use the wheels attached to her legs as deadly slicing weapons and charge at high speed to catch up to Black★Rock Shooter.


  • Her blood is yellow.
  • Despite having a predominantly yellow color scheme, Chariot's theme color appears to actually be pink: The primary color of her domain in the Hollow World, the color piercing through Black★Rock Shooter's domain representative of Chariot, and the color of Kagari's bracelet as seen in Let's Go Beyond This World are all pink.


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