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Charlotte (シャーロット, Shārotto) is a supporting character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


Charlotte has strawberry blonde hair with diagonal cut bangs covering her right eye. Prior to 2062, she wore casual clothes as a child, donning a plaid shirt with a baseball hat and glove as depicted in the Colonel's photo,[4] as well as a face mask with visor in flashback.[5]

By 2062, Charlotte wears a unique variant of the Education Institution uniform consisting of white shoulder armor, leg armor with plated knee guards, a cape and tabard with gold lining and the Institution's trademark pattern on the tabard. Her left shoulder pad has a larger pauldron attached to it, and underneath her tabard are a white string bikini top and bottom. When not fighting from her jet fighter drone, Charlotte wields a dual-barrel gun with blades that is often held in her right hand, which can be split into two with one gun on each side.

Sometime after 2062, she is seen wearing casual clothes again, including scarf, a long coat, and boots. In combat she wears a white full body suit with a cape, and wields a spear as her weapon.[6]


Charlotte appears silent and stoic when accompanying Smiley, the leader of the Education Institution, whom she worships, and she would do follow any orders to gain his favor.[1][2]


BRS DF EP7-006

Charlotte was born to David, a Peacebuilding Forces soldier, and a Hemiteos Unit researcher named Jessica sometime before the highly advanced artificial intelligence Artemis rebelled against mankind.[7] Despite the carnage caused by Artemis, the three managed to spend time in camps away from Unmanned Forces' attacks for some time.[5] This came to an end when the Education Institution seized both Charlotte and her mother in a raid,[8] leaving her father in a deep grudge against the cultists as he believed both his daughter and wife had perished.[9]

BRS DF EP9-021

Smiley, the leader of Education Institution convinced Charlotte into thinking that her father had died, and he would become her stepfather and mating partner. Unwilling to let Smiley take advantage of her daughter, Jessica tampered Charlotte's Hemiteos Unit conversion, causing it to fail before attempting to escape together. Their escape attempt failed, and running out of options, Jessica tried to kill her daughter before killing herself as a last resort. The ordeal caused great mental trauma to Charlotte, allowing Smiley to further take advantage of her and brainwash her into a loyal servant.[8]

Despite Jessica's interference, Charlotte's body was nonetheless modified into a pseudo-Hemiteos Unit.[2]

BRS DF EP4-326

In 2062, with the reemergence of Empress and her interference with Education Institution's operations, Smiley sent Charlotte to intercept Empress as the latter traveled towards the Orbital Elevator. After successfully stopping Empress and the escorting Peacebuilding Forces convoy with airstrikes, Charlotte disembarked from her jet fighter drone and stomped on Empress, mocking her feebleness despite being marked as the greatest threat by Smiley. Dead Master tried to stop Charlotte in close range, but was swiftly defeated. This intervention, however, bought Empress enough time to ready her coil gun against Charlotte. Realizing that the girl who attacks them was actually his own daughter, the Colonel pleaded Empress not to shoot. Empress destroyed Charlotte's weapon instead, causing Charlotte to flee in panic.[9]

BRS DF EP7-361

Charlotte confronted Dead Master again when Empress decided to attack the Education Institution directly to rescue Miya, but the latter outsmarted her and shot down her jet fighter drone.[10] She later tracked Empress and others' to the Peacebuilding Force Memorial Library and destroyed its resident robot Andy, claiming that she would destroy all things related to Empress.[5]

BRS DF EP9-353

Learning from Lunatic that Lighthouse No. 8 had equipment capable of transforming a pseudo-Hemiteos Unit into a complete one, Charlotte joined the Unmanned Forces' and Education Institution's assault on the emerald mine where the laboratory was hidden. Inside she was blocked by her own father, whom she no longer recognized due to brainwashing's effect. Charlotte tried to kill him, but was stopped Empress in time, whose strength was restored back to full capacity with the help of laboratory's reconditioning pod.[8]

BRS DF EP10-355

Charlotte was no match for Empress and was overpowered and put to sleep. She was then placed in the reconditioning pod by Empress and Monica in attempt to disarm her. She woke up shortly afterwards and tried to hold Monica at knifepoint, falsely exclaiming that her father was still dead as her false memories were still in place. It was only when she stabbed the Colonel and realized that he was protecting his own daughter from the falling boulders the brainwashing finally wore off.[11]

BRS DF EP11-167

The father and daughter enjoyed a brief union as a family at the night before the Peacebuilding Forces' assault on the Orbital Elevator. Although the Colonel noticed that Charlotte still retained some extent of pseudo-Hemiteos Unit's capabilities, he did not want to send his own daughter to battle, and so he instructed her to retreat with the logistics troops when the assault began on the next day.[12]

BRS DF EP12-121

Charlotte initially retreated as told when the Peacebuilding Forces started their attack on the Orbital Elevator, but she later turned back and tried to save the Colonel in a jet fighter drone. Her aircraft was shot down near his location, and the heavily wounded Colonel took a shot in the torso while trying to reach out to her. Charlotte desperately tried to drag her father out of the battlefield, but he decided to commit suicide by feigning a request to Charlotte to fetch a weapon for him. Soon after, Monica and Norito found Charlotte and extracted her. As they were leaving the battlefield, they noticed Empress mustering all her strength and destroyed the Orbital Elevator from a distance.[6]

BRS DF EP12-442

Fifty years later, Charlotte received the codename "Temperance" from Monica before participating in a major spaceborne counterattack operation on Artemis.[6]


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