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Chivalrous Thieves Group (義賊主義集団), also known as CTG in short, is a major faction that appears in Black★★Rock Shooter BEFORE DAWN.


CTG was a global terrorist organization that was anti-corporate giant and anti-super-rich. It harbored various anarchists, anti-government guerillas, and drug cartels, and armed them to conduct attacks across the world. Numerous collaborators also helped CTG's operations, such as intelligence or transport.[1][2]

Although CTG's main goal was the mass elimination of the world's richest organizations and individuals, they did not condone indiscriminate killing, such as the use of nuclear weapons or poison gas - a condition that they put on the immoral scientist Georgius for developing human enhancement program as their ideal weapon.[3]


CTG was formed sometime in the 2030s amidst extreme social polarization in modern societies. They rescued Georgius, who became an internationally wanted criminal, and offered him to work for them to develop a weapon that would turn the world upside-down. Georgius accepted without question, and was provided with a laboratory in Mexico to fulfill this task.[3]

After much preparation, CTG conducted over a hundred attacks across the world simultaneously, with employers of the top one hundred corporate giants, their employees, and their associated family members as their assassination targets. Camila, a genetically and technologically enhanced human, also made her debut as a CTG terrorist in the San Francisco attack, and her superhuman strength in combat was recorded in video by bystanders and broadcast worldwide.[1] Politicians and government agencies, such as the French president and the FBI, were also targeted.[4][5]

However, with Luna Griffith's announcement of Project Elysion and its goal to eliminate world poverty, CTG lost much of its momentum as their goals coincided. Nonetheless, Camila continued to travel around, killing targets in Europe and North Africa. The United Nations eventually developed and deployed their own enhanced soldier, Hemiteos Unit Hermit, to intercept Camila and Georgius, killing both of them as well as other escorts near the Algerian border. Their deaths effectively spelt the end of CTG's activities.[2]

Sometime after Camila and Georgius' deaths, Luna Griffith was assassinated by black ops soldiers in Ames Research Center. Although an official investigation concluded that the assassins were CTG remnants, they were in fact sent by world leaders who were unhappy with Luna Griffith's power, and deemed her expendable after CTG's downfall.[6]


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