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Collapse is the sixth episode of Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. It aired on May 8, 2022.


Young girls who were abducted by the Education Institution are subjected to compatibility tests in order to become Hemiteos Units. Miya, who was found to be compatible with becoming a Hemiteos Unit, was about to undergo a full-scale remodeling procedure inside the Education Institution's carrier. It was then that Strength and Norito rushed into the carrier to save Miya while Empress and her group launched an attack on the Education Institution's armed escort vehicles. Inside the lab, numerous corpses of girls who failed the compatibility tests were discovered to be treated like garbage. Strength and Norito find Miya restrained in the remodeling facility, along with Lunatic, the incarnation of Artemis. Lunatic's derisive behavior towards humans sets off Strength... The attack on the armed escort vehicles reaches a turning point when Smiley, the leader of the Education Institution, and Charlotte, appear. And so, a fierce battle in which the two sides clash with each other begins.[1]


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