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Crossing Iron Oceans is the eighth episode of Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. It aired on May 22, 2022.


Only two weeks remain until the cable that continues to extend from the surface of the moon is connected to Earth's side of the Orbital Elevator. If Empress can destroy the Orbital Elevator before then, humanity would avoid being defeated. However, in order to get there, Empress and her group need to cross the Iron Ocean. At a bar in the port town nearby, a fisherman sends Isana, who was asked to guide the group across the Iron Ocean, to undertake the ferry over the sea. As they explore the area along the Iron Ocean, they confirm responses from powerful bio-parts, and the group heads for the floating island where the responses came from. After they disembark, Empress and Strength are left alone together, and they discover a bio-part in the carcass of a massive Gigantes. Just as Empress was about to remove the bio-part, a violent tremor suddenly shook the island! Sensing something unusual happening, Empress and the others went and...[1]


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