De-chan (デちゃん) is the second main protagonist of the manga series Black★Rock-chan. She is considered to be the disruptor of the balance of the Otherworld and is the primary enemy of Black★Rock Shooter. However, she turns out to be the one who would always cook for and play with Rock-chan. Later in the series, it is mentioned that she is actually Rock-chan's mother.


De-chan has a simillar appearance of Dead Master of the Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She has two horns on her head, a black dress, black gloves, and two black shoes. Unlike her OVA and anime counterpart, De-chan has gentle and cute face.


According to her appearance in the manga Black★Rock-chan, she always plays with Rock-chan and she has a good attitude unlike her OVA and anime counterpart. Despite this, the admits that she cannot control her strength, and often frightens Rock-chan, with comedic results.

Abilities and weaponEdit

  • Chain Manipulation - Like Dead Master in the OVA and to the Anime, De-chan can manipulate chains too.
  • Necromancy - De-chan is also a Necromancer like her Anime counterpart.


  • Like Dead Master, De-chan has two floating skulls as companions. They are named Doku and Kuro.