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Dead Master (デッドマスター, Deddo Masutā) is an original character designed by huke.


She has wavy black hair, straight bangs, and neon green eyes. She wears a black dress and a black bolero; her dress extends down to her thighs and is accented with a white ribbon on the waist. She wears a pair of leggings and black pumps, and black gauntlets on each hand. On her head are of long horns that resemble vertebrae, with each tip made out of three tips joined at the end. She also has a pair of wings which sit low on her back, that look like a thick zigzag.


The description of the illustration on huke's personal blog states that she is an enemy of Black★Rock Shooter "or something like that"[1]. Due to the popularity of the illustration on his Pixiv, huke joked in the description that he also wanted to be stepped on by Dead Master[2].


huke uploaded the illustration to Pixiv on July 13, 2008, and his personal blog the day after. The illustration was later included in Black Rock Shooter Visual Works.

Dead Master would go on to be officially adapted into the Black★Rock Shooter multimedia franchise.


  • Dead Master is the third character overall in the Black★Rock Shooter series.
  • Since huke considered her to be an enemy of Black★Rock Shooter, many of Dead Master's incarnations take on an antagonistic role towards the latter.



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