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Dead Master's Motorbike

Dead Master's Motorbike[1] (デッドマスターのバイク, Deddomasutā no baiku)[2], also known as Dead Master Bike[3] (デッドマスターバイク, Deddomasutā baiku),[4][5] is a vehicle in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


The vehicle is a three-wheeled motor vehicle with two front wheels mounted in tandem and one in back. It is a Hemiteos Unit high mobility support vehicle (ヘーミテオスユニット支援用高機動車輛, Hēmiteosuyunitto shienyō kōkidō sharyō) assigned specifically to Dead Master. A large sniper rifle, together with the driver seat, is attached on a swivel mount, allowing Dead Master to snipe at a direction different to where the vehicle is traversing. The sniper rifle is capable firing a round that travels over five times the speed of sound, with an effective range exceeding five kilometers. A Dead Wing is also stored on each side of the vehicle between the second front wheel and the driver's seat, where it can be launched and retrieved at the user's will. As a Hemiteos Unit support machine, it can conduct self-repair if damaged.[6] Furthermore, the vehicle is capable of laying down a smokescreen to conceal its precise location.[7]

Although Dead Master's Motorbike does not exhibit speech capability, it is known to have some degree of automation.[6][8]


Dead Master was given her own vehicle when Artemis rebelled against mankind.[9] She remained in control of the vehicle after the battle against Artemis' avatar Lunatic in Mountain View, and continued to use it in 2062 after reuniting with Empress and Strength.

Dead Master's Motorbike was last seen during Peacebuilding Forces' decisive battle to take down the Orbital Elevator.[10] Its fate afterwards was unknown.


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