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Dead Master (デッドマスター, Deddo Masutā) is the incarnation of the Dead Master character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL.


Dead Master has bright green hair and eyes. Her slightly tousled hair is brought to the front of her shoulders with the left side tucked behind her ear, pierced with two red ear clips. She wears a black and gray outfit with red accents: a black mantelet with a red skull clip covers her upper body exposed by her sleeveless gray bodysuit. Her bodysuit has a sweetheart neckline and stops at her calves with black leggings and tall red-heeled footwear. She wears skeletal claw-like gloves and has two black and green horns on her head.

When Dead Master was still at Lighthouse No. 8, she wore a simple black dress, a choker, and heels. She was also shorter than Empress, whereas in the present time, she is taller than Empress due to her premature reawakening.


Dead Master's personality is defined by her feelings towards Empress. When she first came to Lighthouse No. 8, she believed herself to be a demon due to being outcast by others because of the horns on her head. However, Empress thought her horns were cool instead. This kind sentiment touched Dead Master, who then saw Empress as an angel. Since then, Dead Master has been devoted to Empress, which she openly expresses from time to time. When she was brainwashed by Lunatic, her feelings for Empress were warped into a possessive and perverse desire to kill her so she can end her suffering, then die soon after so she can join Empress. Dead Master was obsessed with Empress to the point that she ignored everything and everyone else around her, unless they directly got in her way with Empress.

Deep down, Dead Master simply loves Empress. Her final words before being killed by Lunatic was her saying she loved Empress.


Dead Master was an orphan who was brought to an orphanage called Lighthouse No. 8 in Bogotá, Colombia, in the early 2030s, sometime after Empress was brought there. Her life before then is unknown, but she was often outcast due to the horns on her head frightening people, making her believe she was a demon. Like Empress, she did not have a name prior to coming to the Lighthouse. At the time Dead Master was partnered up with Empress, she was the newest one at the orphanage. She told her partner how her horns scare others, but Empress thought they were cool instead. This kind sentiment touched Dead Master, who saw Empress as an "angel". When she revealed she didn't have a name, Empress asked her to pick from a hand of face-down tarot cards, and she picked the Death card. She was then given her current name, Dead Master", by Empress. Along with Strength later on, the three girls eventually became Hemiteos Units, but they would also be the only survivors of the Hemiteos Units in the ensuing war after Artemis turned against humanity.

Dead Master first appears in The Good, The Bad & The Mechanics, where she is being pursued by a horde of Titans. She deploys two cutting edge armaments from her motorbike to destroy a number of them, and turns her bike around to fire its built-in sniper rifle at them. She then asks Empress where she is, firing at the Titans. Dead Master is shot off her bike, falls as countless Titans come for her, and cries out for Black Rock Shooter. As she weakly tries to limp away, the Titans fire upon her. Between this point in time and the present time of DAWN FALL, both her and Strength were captured, put up in crosses, and manipulated by Lunatic to turn against Empress and their original goal to defend humanity.


Dead Master possesses exceptional marksmanship; although she specializes in extreme long-distance sniping with a massive rifle, she can also snipe enemies in mid-air.[1][3][4]


According to producer Hiroyasu Shinohara, Dead Master and Strength's characterization were harder to portray than Empress's, and huke suggested making the former to have an unpredictable personality.[5]


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