Dead Master

Brs 02

Name in Japanese デッドマスター
Romaji Translation Deddo Masutaa
Appears in Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
Role Antagonist
Voice Actor (Japanese) Miyuki Sawashiro
Voice Actor (English) None
Character Profile
Gender Female
Weapon/s Death Scythe
Human Counterpart Yomi Takanashi

Dead Master (デッドマスター Deddo Masutaa) is the incarnation of the Dead Master character appearing in the OVA by Ordet. She is the "other self" of Yomi Takanashi.


In addition to her general appearance as Dead Master, her wings are somewhat more thin and smaller. Her eyes have a concentric circle pattern, a trait she shares with other characters in the OVA. She is described as being 162.5cm tall, while her human counterpart, Yomi, is 158-160cm tall.


She is showy and sinister when trying to kill Black★Rock Shooter and shows great skills with her scythe. She makes a large show of threatening, wicked smiles, and while she is quiet, she is silently taunting her enemy. She also makes hissing noises when agitated.


At some point, as her human counterpart Yomi Takanashi becomes jealous of Yuu's friendship with Mato Kuroi, she takes over Yomi's body and departs to the Otherworld.

She sits on a throne at the beginning of the OVA in her castle, apparently expecting Black★Rock Shooter's appearance. They fight after Black★Rock Shooter extends her hand to her, rejecting the offer to go with her. Making a show of her nature, she tries to make herself threatening to her enemy throughout the battle. She gains an advantage when she manages to trap Black★Rock Shooter in chains, but Black★Rock Shooter gains the strength to break the chains. She makes the same hand gesture, but Dead Master, again rejecting her, and backing up, starts to fall off of a ledge. Black★Rock Shooter catches her and holds her in an embrace.

Unable to handle this, the Dead Master escapes the body of Yomi and dissolves; the reason is unknown, but it is likely either due to having left Yomi's body or the "affection" having damaged her in some way.


She can apparently take over Yomi's body when Yomi's emotions become similar to Dead Master's. Despite having wings, she can't fly but rather, uses athletic skills in combat.


  • She's the only character in the OVA to have her weapon broken.
  • She apparently has the ability to summon chains out of nowhere.
  • She's the only "other self" whose form has been seen (by Mato) in the human world.
  • It has not yet been revealed why she dissapeared when hugged by BRS.


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