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Dead Master is a non-playable character in Punishing: Gray Raven. She appeared as a boss in the game's Chinese server between August and September 2023.[1]


In an unfamiliar world, Lucia and Gray Raven Team's Commander were confronted by Dead Master, who attacked them without saying anything. After a brief fight, Dead Master introduced herself and explained to the two that they were not in their original world, but in another one called "Corridor". She encouraged them to go to a castle, where she would be waiting, before disappearing from sight.[2]

Dead Master later reported to the "King" that she successfully persuaded two of the outsiders to head for the castle. When questioned why she sided with the King in the first place, Dead Master replied she did so not to help the King to shape the Corridor in her own image, but merely to fight Black★Rock Shooter, who would surely come and stop the King's plan.[3]

When Lucia, Gray Raven Team's Commander, Black★Rock Shooter, and a few others finally arrived at the castle, the King initiated a board game. Dead Master represented the white side's queen and met Black★Rock Shooter, who was the black side's counterpart.[4] The two landed on the same square and dueled, with Black★Rock Shooter emerging as the victor as she managed to snatch a die from Dead Master, but the latter was not out of the game yet.[5]

Late in the game, Dead Master caught up to Black★Rock Shooter on a same square again. Seeing that Black★Rock Shooter was stuck in a battle event, and not wanting to see her rival losing to other enemies before they could duel again, the two teamed up to overcome the odds - an act that made Black★Rock Shooter considered Dead Master as a "friend" as well as an "enemy". Afterwards, Dead Master took on Black★Rock Shooter once more and emerged as the victor as she snatched the latter's last playable die. As Dead Master started to move towards the throne room, a fading Black★Rock Shooter said to her that it was not over yet.[6]

Black★Rock Shooter returned to the field when Feida, a native denizen of Corridor who participated the King's game as the black side's pawn, underwent a promotion. She swapping place with Feida and faced Dead Master one more time in the throne room, now transformed to resemble the latter's realm. After a prolonged fight, Dead Master admitted defeat, and the throne room returned to its original appearance. However, despite the game's conclusion as well as Alpha taking out the King, the castle remained intact without its source. The winning party as well as Dead Master determined that they had to rid of themselves in order to return to their original worlds, and so with the exception of Feida and the Artisan, a mysterious individual who disappeared without saying a word, the outsiders of the Corridor decided to fight each other to their own satisfaction.[7]



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