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The Dead Scythe (デッドサイズ, Deddo Saizu), or Death Scythe,[1][2] is Dead Master's weapon. It is a recurring weapon that appears in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

Little is known about the Dead Scythe, and although there are variations in original artworks, it is always depicted as a black scythe that stands roughly the same height as its user.


The Dead Scythe in the OVA features a jagged design akin to an animal's spine at both ends of the shaft, which resembles the version that appears in Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2. Dead Master used it to fight Black★Rock Shooter, but it eventually broke into two pieces after taking a shot from the ★Rock Cannon.

TV Anime[]

The Dead Scythe in the 2012 TV anime features green accent on parts of the weapon, with the jagged design becoming more angular and less organic in appearance compared to the OVA counterpart. After losing her Skulls, Dead Master would fight Black★Rock Shooter in close combat with her Dead Scythe.[3]

Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA[]

In Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA, the Dead Scythe is categorized as a light weapon and it is one of the thirteen weapons featured in the game.


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