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Black Rock Shooter THE GAME Draco concept art

Draco concept art

The Draco (ドラコ, dorako) is an aircraft that appears in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


The Draco is the UEF's latest long-distance transport aircraft.[1][2] It features a a flying wing design, and it is known to be equipped with a wide-area scanner,[3] as well as machine guns for self-defense.[4]


Game Version[]

While it is not known how many Dracos were built, one was stored inside a hangar in New Jersey. Alexei stated that the PSS did not have a chance to retrieve it for some time. With Stella successfully awakened, Marion, the leader of the PSS, devised a plan: Stella would travel to New York and draw the enemy's attention, while the PSS traveled to New Jersey to retrieve the Draco and the Brunhild.[1] Once there, Alexei, Chris, and Xiaomin prepared the Draco for takeoff.[2]

The Draco later received a SOS signal that originated in Moscow, whose sender was thought would to be the last surviving woman on Earth other than Stella, hence the PSS decided to travel there to find and save her. However, the aircraft was under attack by Armaments when they reached Moscow.[4] The attack worsened to the extent that Armaments managed to get inside, and the Draco eventually crashed after taking heavy damage.[5] The aircraft broke into multiple pieces, with all of its passenger either dead or moribund by the time Stella arrived at the crash site.[6]

Manga Version[]

After receiving a distress signal originating from Antarctica, the PSS decided to fly to its source, with the Brunhild heading in first to secure the area before the Draco would arrive to pick up any survivors there.[7] The aircraft's fate thereafter is unknown.


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