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Dragon Slayer[1] (ドラゴン退治, Doragon Taiji) is an original character designed by huke.


Dragon Slayer is a girl with golden pupils and long black hair. Her black attire consists of a tilted crown with two gold ornaments, a lace dress under a bolero jacket the same length as her dress, a choker with one gold ornament, and thigh-high footwear with white cross-strings. Her dress has a sweetheart neckline and two cross-strings below her collarbone. Her jacket has two white-and-black straps crossed over her chest and what appears to be asymmetrical sleeves; her left sleeve is long while her right sleeve is short. She wears a spiked ornament around her left elbow, a gold ring on her left middle finger, a gauntlet on her right arm, and a white belt with a gold buckle and chains attached to it around her waist.

Her weapon of choice is a large two-handed golden broadsword with a small cross-guard and a white-and-black strap wrapped around the grip.


No information is currently available on this character's settings.


Huke uploaded the illustration to his Pixiv on November 4, 2008.[2], and later a similar image with "hwb 05" logo as a draft cover art for his HUKEPIC 05 doujinshi on the next day.[3] A cropped version is used in the final version of the cover art for release.[4]

The character appeared as a stage boss known as the Dragon Queen (ドラゴンクイン, Doragonkuin) in Puchitto★Rock Shooter.



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