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Dully (ダリー, Darī), also known as Darry in Japanese localization, is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Game Version[]

Dully was one of the surviving members of the Primary Support Service who reached Stella's capsule in San Francisco and witnessed her awakening.[1]

Shortly after Stella destroyed a generator, a Big Mouth approached her and the PSS. Dully and Lars rushed to confront the Armament, but both were killed as Stella failed to respond to the threat.[2]

Alternate Game Version[]

In an alternate outcome, Stella saved both Dully and Lars from the Big Mouth in San Francisco,[3] allowing both to return to the UEF Midland Base alive and regroup with the rest of the PSS. Dully thanked Stella for saving his life, and as a self-claimed DJ he said he would try to come up with a rhyme for her as a token of appreciation.[4]


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