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"Your power is of great interest to me. Say, do you mind if I analyze it?"
― Elder Caster[1]

Elder Caster or Elda Casta (エルダ・キャスタ, Eruda Kyasuta) is an original character in Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA. She is also known as "THE Magician" after her Major Arcana, as well as the "Questing Witch" (探求の魔女, tankyū no majo).[2]


Major Arcana: Magician
Type: Long range
Height: 152cm
Weight: 42kg
Specialty: Speed reading
Likes: Fireworks
Dislikes: Hairdressing

Although she does not hold an important position on the stage, Elder Caster is recognized as a sage for her insight and knowledge. Normally she is very thoughtful and considerate, but she can also act unconventionally when annoyed or uninterested. She takes a neutral stance, placing the highest priority on satisfying her own thirst for knowledge, but all factions are nervous about which side she will join.[1]


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