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"I only obey you...I won't take orders from just anyone."
― Elishka[1]

Elishka (エリシュカ, Erishuka) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. She is an ad hoc member of Bunny1.


Much like her general appearance as Black★Rock Shooter, Elishka is a pale-skinned teenage girl with black hair tied into asymmetrical twintails and wears a black jacket and pair of boots with white stripes, over her bikini top and shorts. A blue flame can ignite from her left eye.

Unlike most incarnations, Elishka's eyes do not have a concentric ring pattern, but her left eye's pupil is shaped like a star. Other unique details include blue straps on her outfit, a blue hairpin and her signature Rock Cannon having some extra details.


Because she's an amnesiac in the beginning of the game, Elishka is rather passive and says very little. With no other serious drives or desires of her own, she chooses to be solely loyal to the player.


Affiliation: Bunny1
Code Name: —
ID: —
Age: Not clear
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: September 6th
Height: 158cm
Weight: 45kg
Class: —
Hobby: I don't even know myself
Things I'm not good at: Tongue twister
Favorite Food: Cream stew
Hated Food: Pieces of meat

She is an amnesiac girl with a huge cannon with unique power and a burning left eye. She is a member of "Bunny1", having encountered "You" during a mission and following and working with "You" afterwards. While her facial expressions and words are limited, she is also honest and accepts everything she is taught as it is. She crosses many worlds in pursuit of her desire to find "something".

The "Black Bullets" fired from her cannon penetrate even space-time, but even she does not understand how they work.

She herself does not know who she is, and when she first meets "You", she does not even know her name, so she takes the name "Elishka", which is the name of the commander's sister, who looks exactly like her.

Since other personal data was also unknown, the data of the commander's sister was tentatively entered at the suggestion of the members of "Bunny1" who were assisting in the entry of the list.


In the beginning of the game, the player infiltrates a facility where Innocent Cloud is developing its latest weapon. There, the player discovers Elishka connected to a machine, and after being warped to another space together, then begin their interdimensional journey alongside the rest of the playable cast.


Bunny1 Relationship Chart

Player character[]

Elishka first meets the player in the facility where Innocent Cloud is storing and preparing its latest weapon. She has chosen to be loyal only to the player.


Although she is part of Bunny1, Elishka is only a member for the player's sake, and thus, she has no relationships to speak of with the other members.



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